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Kelso gives Shredd & Ragan contest winners game insight


Former Buffalo Bills safety and current Bills radio color commentator Mark Kelso greeted fans, took photos, and broke down game film for Bills contest winners from 103.3 The Edge on November 21, 2011 at One Bills Drive.  Winners from the Shredd & Ragan Ultimate Bills Fan Experience were joined by disc jockey Ted Shredd from the popular Shredd & Ragan show, and they were also treated to a tour of the Bills locker room, weight room, meeting rooms and Fieldhouse areas.

Kelso explained in great detail what coaches and players look for while watching game film from the Bills win against the Eagles on October 9th.  Football terms like the 40 or 30 defense, man and zone defense, odd or even fronts, disguise coverage, hook, flat, alley, middle defenders, deep middle and deep thirds, playing bird dogs, green dog, pass rush, blitz, blocking schemes, running plays, cutback, t-stunts and more were all discussed and reviewed.

The contest winners had the opportunity to ask questions and Kelso answered everything with tremendous insight...insight that made him an eight-year NFL free safety who started 95 games, played on four AFC Championship teams, intercepted 30 passes and recovered eight fumbles during his playing days with the Bills from 1986-1993.

Kelso showed how simple things like turning the wrong way when covering a receiver can make the difference between a reception or an incomplete pass.  He also showed how lining up incorrectly, playing the wrong gap, not giving a good fake or making the wrong "read" can make or break the play.

Kelso explained that in today's game the players are so gifted athletically that sometimes they don't pay enough detail to their techniques, and that they rely too heavily on their athleticism to overcome a mistake they might make.  He also explained that the guys that are gifted athletically and do pay attention to detail and technique will win most of their individual battles and make fewer mistakes.  He said that sometimes this is the difference between an average player and a great player with Pro Bowl potential.

As part of The Shredd & Ragan Ultimate Bills Fan Experience, winners also receive the opportunity to sit in the press box with the Bills broadcast team of John Murphy and Mark Kelso on a game day, Bills game tickets, on-field passes for the Bills sidelines during pregame, a pregame party at the Bills Fieldhouse, a tour of Ralph Wilson Stadium and more.

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