Kicker John Potter a guest on the John Murphy Show

George Wilson's story is one that never gets old.  He was a practice squad receiver who converted to the defensive side and now is a solid contributor at safety.  He talked a little bit about that decision tonight as well as some things he's still not 100% happy with a year into the new C.B.A.  Wilson assessed some of the younger guys and had some high praise for Stephon Gilmore, which we've heard before, but George told us some points that hadn't been heard before.

One of the all-time great special teams players, Steve Tasker, spent some time breaking down what he saw in the team after he called the first preseason game for TV.  So far, Tasker likes what he sees in Cordy Glenn at tackle, which is a position that hasn't been secure "in a long time," as he put it.  When asked about one of the best special teams question marks in this camp, if the Bills should keep a kicker just for kick offs, Tasker answered with, "Well, we had one and we got to the Super Bowl."  That's certainly a tough point to argue.

That takes us to said kicker, John Potter.  It's been over 20 years since the Bills drafted a kicker, and one would think Rian Lindell has sure footing (pun intended) for the starting position.  Does Potter have a place on this team then?  He feels that he does.  With his strong leg, and the possibility to have a touch back on every kick off, you not only cut back on the threat of returns, but it also makes it less necessary to reserve roster spots for players who would mainly play special teams.

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