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Know Your Bills: Safety George Wilson

George Wilson has made a lot of changes this off season. He has switched from wide receiver to safety and has had to deal with many changes due to his position change. Even though he has been in the league for two years he admits to feeling like a rookie once again. What is it like to be back on the field with most of your teammates again?

George Wilson: It's been exceptionally fun. We have a great time when we're up here doing the off-season program and everything. When you get all the guys together like we are now and out on the practice field. We get more of a football mindset instead of a workout mindset that we've had all spring. It's a great time because not only do we love what we do, we love the guys with whom we do it with. It makes coming to work a lot more joyous when you enjoy being around the guys that you're around. What has been the best part about the change from wide receiver to safety?

GW: The best part is no longer do I have to try to dodge the big hit. The best part about that is instead of dodging it, I'm delivering the big hit potentially. That's probably the biggest thing right there. What has been the hardest part of the position change?

GW: The hardest thing so far has been being able to read the quarterback. To be able to go to your drops and try to react as quickly as possible to what the quarterback shows you. Reading his body language and where the ball will be thrown to based on his body language. Just getting a read on the quarterback and just getting a different view of the entire offense from a [defensive backs] standpoint. All together it has been a little tough at times but the more reps you get, as with anything, the easier it will be and the slower it will come to you. Whereas, my first week being out there it was like being a rookie all over again. I'm just trying to do something everyday to try to improve at the position because I know it is going to be a journey to get to where they want me to be and where I want to be. I just try to come out here and add a building block to the field everyday. Besides studying the defensive playbook, what did you do during the off-season?

GW: For the most part, when we weren't working out, I spent a lot of my time in Buffalo with the guys that stay around. We may get together to play some cards or dominoes or something like that. We go to the movies a lot. We go up to Toronto a lot. Toronto is a real nice city and when you go you feel like you're in a foreign country even though you literally are but you feel like you're far away from home but close enough to where you can turn around and come back in the same day or the next day. It's a beautiful city with a lot of different things going on up there so whenever I need to get away from it all that is where I tend to go.

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