Kolb hurts knee in off-field slip at camp


Kevin Kolb injured his left knee Saturday when he slipped on a wet rubber mat while running between fields at Bills training camp.

Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone says the injury is not serious and expects the quarterback to return to practice - and his competition with E.J. Manuel for the starting job - within days.

"Obviously with Kevin, he slipped on his way transferring from field to field," said Marrone. "He bumped his knee and he'll just be day by day."

Kolb was hurt while going from one field to another with his offensive teammates. As he ran, Kolb slipped on a wet rubber mat and stumbled awkwardly at the Bills training camp facility in suburban Rochester on Saturday.

Though Kolb did not fall, he had trouble standing and put his arm around the shoulder of head trainer Bud Carpenter. Kolb then tossed down his helmet in frustration, before sitting down on the field.

Carpenter briefly examined Kolb's knee before escorting him to the locker room. Workers then began sweeping water off the mats, which were in a tunnel between fields.

Kolb is entering his seventh NFL season after signing a two-year contract with Buffalo in free agency in April. Kolb was counting on kick starting his career in Buffalo after injuries contributed to him losing the starting job in both Philadelphia and the past two seasons in Arizona.

"When I look at players especially the quarterback position, Kevin has played that position and taken some big hits," Marrone said when asked about Kolb's injury history. "I think anyone in that position probably would've sustained the same amount give or take a little bit here or there. It's disappointing that when you get labeled like that because the one thing I do know about Kevin is he's a tough son of a gun. He'll get back out there quickly if it's up to him."

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