Kyle Moore benefits from personal military connection


For Bills defensive end Kyle Moore, having a family member who actively served in the United States Army taught him about hard work and dedication.

"My father went out there and risked his life to protect us, and do our country a good service."

The oldest of four boys, Kyle knows what it's like having his father absent from home while he's out serving our country.

Born in Schweinfurt, Germany, Moore quickly learned what it was like to be a military child. The Bills defensive end lived with his family in Europe for four years before moving to the states, and remembers bits and pieces of his time overseas. His father, an Army 1st Sergeant was always on the move.

"We went to a lot of different countries when I was young. I remember a little bit about Germany, especially when we would go ice skating. I also briefly remember living on base," said Moore.

After Germany, the family moved to El Paso, Texas where they lived for nine years. During the family's stay in El Paso, his father traveled back and forth from Korea and Saudi Arabia.

"For three years of my life, it was just me, my mom and my little brother," said Moore. "It was hard because my mom was raising us on her own. We would talk to him on the phone, and he would send us toys."

When Kyle was just six years old, his father fought in the Persian Gulf War. As the oldest, Kyle stepped into the big brother role while his father was gone.

He says his father would often treat the children like they were in a "mini" Army-always making sure the boys ate their food properly and kept things straight. Moore attributes his father's strong lessons as what has made him the football player he is today. Hard work and dedication was taught to him at an early age, and never left his side.

"When my dad was home to stay, we would quickly get used to having dad back at the house," Kyle said laughingly. "Stuff we could get away with mom didn't fly with dad. Our beds better be made, shoes straight and everything in order. That's the reason I'm here now, because of what he taught me about being organized and on-time."

Today, Kyle's father is retired from active Army duty after 23 years of service. He still stays active in the military, working for an Air Force base in Georgia.

This Thursday, Bills defensive end Kyle Moore will be playing in a nationally televised football game-the Buffalo Bills Salute to Service Military Appreciation game. There will be one person on his mind.

"I understand what it is like not having your father at home because they are on leave and they have to serve our country. While you're out walking the streets comfortably, they're out protecting us. We need them. I don't take it for granted at all."

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