Kyle Williams: Bills aim to make Colts one-dimensional


DT Kyle Williams**

Monday, November 19, 2012

Q: Is it nice to have almost a second bye week as you get ready for this game coming up?

A: It is. It is good for us. I think the later you get in the year those Thursday night games are tougher to get ready for physically. It is more mental preparation. Having the weekend off and getting back to work today, give us a chance to get our legs back under us. It will be good.

Q: Did you get a chance to see some of the Colts game against New England?

A: I saw it with maybe four minutes left. I did not see (the whole game). I watched it on film this morning, but I did not see it on TV till the very end of the game.

Q: They are a team that can move the football but we also saw yesterday that you can force them into some turnovers too.

A: Yeah, I think the one thing we talked about is the big thing is they hang their hat on is their run game and their play action game. So we have to play good run defense and put them in positions where we know what they are going to do. Try to get them one-dimensional and make them throw the ball.

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