Mario Williams: Bills have to get Brady "off his spot"

DE Mario Williams

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Q: Where are you at now with your wrist? How did it feel after the game and how does it feel?

A: It feels better every day. That is the biggest thing. That is what we were looking for. I am just trying to get better with it.

Q: These two games with Houston and New England are a big opportunity for you guys. One game you did not get, but you still have an opportunity to get the other one as far as going on the road and maybe getting a signature win. Beating a good team on the road…

A: Yeah, I think the biggest thing for us is going out there and just playing fundamentally sound. We let a few slip away from us last week as far as the defense. Clean that up, be in our gaps, be in our responsibilities and be accountable to one another.

Q: Is the only way to rattle QB Tom Brady is to get pressure on him?

A: Definitely. The only time he really has trouble is whenever he has got guys in his face and guys hitting him. We have to get that done. We have to find some way to get pressure on him and get him off his spot.

Q: Is there a sense of urgency knowing this season is suddenly on the brink? At 3-5, 3-6 is not very good.

A: Yeah, definitely. Every day we play and go out there, practice or play, we definitely have to have a sense of urgency.

Q: They ran a lot last game away from you. Is there any consideration for you to flip over onto the other side?

A: After the procedure on my wrist, I feel better and more comfortable being able to use it and not being single-handed out there, so definitely. I am looking to get back into moving around and switching it up a little bit.

Q: Did you move around during your time in Houston?

A: I have moved around my whole career. On third down in Houston when we got down in nickel rush, I was always on the left. Whenever we were in third down and put the nickel guys in I went to the left, but I flip around. I have always done that up until this year. Definitely that is what I am used to and accustomed to.

Q: Of guys you have faced, where does Brady rank in terms of ability?

A: He is one of the elite quarterbacks in the league. Ever since he has had his shot, he has always ran with it and done well. He is definitely up there. One of the top quarterbacks in the league still.

Q: You talk about not moving around as much as you did before, was that a product of your wrist?

A: Yeah, that was just my wrist. From Day One, the mentality was to move around. That has just been because of my wrist. Like I said, it is day-to-day. As things get better it is going to be going back to what I am accustomed to doing.

Q: You were probably already asked this, but coming out of the game did your wrist feel better than it had after any of the other games?

A: Yeah, definitely. It has felt better. Like I said, we keep casting it and keep protecting it—I do not want to do anything to go backwards. It is in the healing process right now. That is better than what it has been. Like I said, my mindset, my whole morale, the way I am able to do things now like workout and stuff like that is definitely a big boost to me.

Q: Was your ligament torn?

A: As far as I know…I really do not know all of the lingo. I just go in and get it done. Whatever needed to be done. I do not know as far as exact terminology of it being torn. I have heard that myself, but I just know something was wrong.

Q: So the doctor did not tell you what specifically was wrong? A: He said there was a slight tear or whatever. I do not know the severity of it. Obviously it caused me not being able to use it. I do not ask for exact verbiage from the training staff and things like that. * *

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