Mario Williams on new D: "I am up for anything"


DE Mario Williams**

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Q: What is your first impression of HC Doug Marrone?

A: My first impression is expectation. I think he is definitely an advocate of changing the tempo and the whole demeanor of how things have been here the last however many years. Just trying to get us upbeat and focused on expecting to do better. More accountability.

Q: With new defensive coordinator Mike Pettine, the defense is going to be more of a hybrid. How do you feel about spending some of your time standing up?

A: As far as the little details of it, I do not know yet. We got our playbooks today, which actually are on iPads now which is neat. I am up for anything. Anything that is going to put us in a better position to go out, be successful, change our defense and get us in the right direction.

Q: Seeing what Pettine has done with in the past with the New York Jets, does that intrigue you?

A: Yeah. Looking at what has happened with him when he was with the Ravens and the Jets, it is definitely something that everybody should be excited about, including myself. He definitely has a very outstanding resume. For him to be here, be in front of us, put us in the right positions and get us out there playing. Like I said, change the mentality of the defense as a group. There are 11 guys on the field, so we all have to have a more upbeat, positive mentality.

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