Mario Williams: "We have to win some way, somehow"

DE Mario Williams

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Q: With the Jets giving up 11.0 sacks last week, are you licking your chops looking at them?

A: It is an opportunity to go out there and get after it. Obviously they had problems last week and we have to put it together to get after the quarterback and get him down.

Q: How important is it for you to end the season on a high note?

A: It is very important. Not just for myself, but everybody in this locker room, or the people upstairs and for the fans. The way the season has been going is obviously not the way that any of us wanted it. We have to come out and we have to win some way, somehow. No matter what it is or what we are doing schematically. Put point on the board and do not let them put points on the board.

*Q: Do you anticipate significant changes in the offseason?         *

A: It is my first year here. Obviously like I said, there is a bad taste in my mouth with how things have been going. Coaches and coaching staffs, as far as them being around for a year, two years or whatever, they might give them time to develop. Being that it is my first year I really do not know how they look at that.

Q: If this defense gives up 30 points this weekend it will go down as the most points ever allowed by a Bills defense. Is that something you want to make sure does not happen?

A: Definitely. Obviously coming out here, putting ourselves in the situation and in a hole like we are which is on us as players. You definitely do not want to have that taste in your mouth for the offseason.

Q: Given the way this season has gone, can you not wait for it to come to an end?

A: Whenever there is a game on Sunday it is all about that and all about us going out and putting forth the effort to win the game. You definitely do not overlook anything regardless of what has happened. You have to take pride in yourself to go out there and do that.

Q: Can you pinpoint what has gone wrong this season?

A: I would say, speaking on the defense, us up front and front seven we have to get to the quarterback more. Whenever the teams go to quick passes we have to get more deflected balls. I think a lot of times when you cannot get there whenever it is quick drops, timing reads and throws we have to have more impact. I think we definitely need to get better at deflecting balls thrown from the quarterback because that is almost as impactful as a sack. The biggest problem I see as well is us managing and handling turnovers and short field. We cannot allow last week's 17 points in the short field from turnovers. We have to at worst have nine from field goals or them not score at all. I think the biggest thing we need to improve on is that because us having a quick turnaround and being short field has been hurting us.

Q: Do you characterize this as a failed season?

A: No. I look at it like there is definitely a lot of work that needs to be done and progress. We have had some changes. Obviously with the players being brought in here and even schematically from the beginning of the year and the first time we played the Jets to now even our defense has been tweaked. Some of those things we know we need to do in order to play off one another better to get off the field in those turnover situations or anytime they drive on us on defense and get in the red zone or the other side of the 50. We have to be able to capitalize by giving them three points or less. The same thing as far as getting after the quarterback. From me to the last guy on the front seven, we have to get after the quarterback better. Like I said, we have to deflect more balls coming out with quicker timing.

Q: Were this season's high expectations merited?

A: The way I look at it, every time you come into a game you take it one game at a time. Anything can happen. Playoffs and everything is what you shoot for. You have to get to the playoffs to be able to get to the big game. At the end of the day we all definitely looked at that. It all comes down to executing and getting it done. I think that is the biggest thing for us. Being able to realize what is going on going into this last game, do the little things and build on that going into next year.

Q: Are you frustrated at all your former team is number one in the AFC?

A: No. I congratulate them. I have brothers on that team pretty much. We have done so much together I would not wish anything bad on them.

Q: How is your wrist?

A: It is doing a lot better. Nothing is going to be completely better until after the season because you are constantly beating on it with the wear and tear. That is something we already knew, but at least there is progression and healing. That is the most important thing.

Q: Do you think you will have to do any more work on it? A: I hope not. I have not discussed that, but obviously that would be one of the things we look at.

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