Mario Williams: "We just have to keep pushing"



Q: How nice is it to get the all-around effort?

A: We just wanted to come out and play fundamental football. It was kind of sloppy out there with the rain and everything, but we just kept pushing.

Q: Can you talk about the play when you kind of raked it out of the QB's hands?

A: You know it was just one of those things where when you get back there, especially with the elements how they were with the rain, it is pretty tough holding onto the ball. So we just wanted to rake at the ball every time we had the chance. It was there, I saw it and I just reached out and swiped it away.

Q: It was kind of like bonus points at the point. You were moving the ball pretty well and then you get an extra possession out of that.

A: Yeah, right before the half it definitely helped the momentum just being able to get off the field real quick and put the offense back out there.

Q: Do you feel like you are all the way back now 100 percent physically and mentally?

A: No. You know, my wrist is healing, definitely. Like I said, whenever I had the procedure and everybody was freaking out about it, I knew it was going to progress and not be stagnant. With something like that and continuing playing, obviously it is not going to be healed all the way until after the season. But it is definitely getting better and that is making me feel better.

Q: You guys have stacked together a couple pretty good defensive performances the last three or four weeks.

A: We just have to keep playing fundamental football, playing our positions and our gaps, not getting out of position and just getting after it and keep pushing.

Q: Is it frustrating that it took so long to reach this point where all three phases came together and played well?

A: You obviously want to do that from the very beginning of the season. What happened before is the past and we just have to keep pushing. We are still there. Even though nobody else thinks of it that way, we do. We still have games left. Anything can happen and we just have to keep pushing.

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