Mario Williams: "We needed to get something started"

On playing against his former team
"At the end of the day you want to get a win. That's the most important thing. We didn't come out and win so that's tough."

On lining up against his former teammates
"It's just different. You run out and you almost forget you're on the other team because I been here for so long. It's still football, so you've got to go out there and play ball and try to win."

On if this was emotional for him
"No. Depends on what you mean by emotional. I was excited to see my friends and things like that and to be back at the stadium."

On if he noticed the reaction from fans
"Oh yeah. I think the biggest thing for me is if you go out and make a play and you get booed, I know I'm in your heart. That's the most important thing. If it had been quiet then I would have felt something different but I know you're thinking about me."

On sacking Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub
"I had to at least get one. I couldn't come in here and not. I had to somehow, some way get one. I wish it had been more. Definitely had more opportunities. They're a fundamentally sound team. I played with them for six years. They did very well getting the ball off. The biggest problem for us was the boot(leg) and play action."

On his post sack celebration
"I was messing with (Texans DE) J.J. (Watt) and I think (Texans NT) Shaun (Cody) had done it earlier. I was just messing with them."

On playing with his wrist injury
"After I had the procedure a week and half or so ago, I believe in it healing now instead of being stagnant. I worked out this week finally which hasn't been over two months. I feel really good and it boost my morale."

On Houston Texans DE Antonio Smith getting under his skin
"He was just talking junk. Nothing really bad."

On what was being said to him on the field
"Nothing. I was messing with (Texans C) Chris Myers asking him why he didn't call me or write me a letter or something. At the end of the day it's football and we're all competing. You want to come out and you want to win. We needed to get something started. We needed to get some turnovers or something to put points on the board."

On if the Houston fans are still in his heart
"Yeah, I'm never going to turn my back on anybody. Some people feel different. Some people do. I'm never going to turn my back on anybody regardless of what you got to say. You're a fan, at the end of the day you're cheering or you're booing."

On sounding "bitter" earlier in the week in an interview about the Texans
"I was asked a question and I answered it. Just because you didn't know that and then when I answer it and you make your own opinion on it, bitterness or whatever, but I was asked the question and I just gave the answer. Nobody's ever wanted to come out and say it. Nobody's ever asked me so it's kind of ironic that I got asked the question. It's just business at the end of the day. Some people go about it in a man-to-man way and some people just let it go without really saying anything. At the end of the day it's just business."

On who he talked to after the game
* *"(Texans head coach Gary) Kubiak especially. You know what I think about him. It's good to see him. He said 'keep it going, I miss you and I love you.' I said the same thing. I mean there's not too many words to say about Kubiak. He's awesome. I think the biggest thing was just seeing everybody."

On making progress against the run as a team
"We got to do it every play, every series because we can do it. Just keep an eye on that gap. To face an elite running back like that and be able to maintain him from what he's done and what his offense has done to everybody else they beat. It's the little things. It's about us being in position and not getting too nosey and doing your job."

On Texans 3rd quarter touchdown swinging the momentum
"I've been down this street before. I wasn't really worried about it. We needed to score. We needed to get a turnover and we needed to score if the offense was struggling we needed to get the ball and we needed to score and like I said we didn't do that."

On adjustments the Texans made"
It was simply the same thing: It was boot(leg) or play action. Apparently it's tough because they do it to everybody and they did it when I was here. It's the same thing. They do the same thing. All you got to do is be true. The problem is they got a heck of a (running) back so it's hard to really see that boot(leg) or play action because it looks exactly the same. Everybody's been trying to stop that play and they put up huge points. It's a big play team, big play mentality. They're not lulling you to sleep. Not with that running back back there. It's going to be a one-on-one situation with whoever's covering the guy. You just have to be true and play through it, lock them up and stay with them through the play."

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