Marrone on Kolb: "Competition makes us all better"


HC Doug Marrone**

Monday, April 8, 2013

Q: What do you like about QB Kevin Kolb?

A: Well, I like Kevin (Kolb). I think Kevin is a very good competitor. I think that I have seen areas where he has had success with some of the things we are looking to build on. Again I think our goal was to bring someone in or have people on our roster that could compete… I have always believed this since I was a kid that competition makes us all better.

Q: Just in terms of the football skills he brings to the table, what are his strengths?

A: I think he can make all of the throws. I think he can throw it well. I have seen his ability depending upon schematics of what is going on and him being able to get the ball out. I see all of those things. Now it is just a matter of working together and seeing what he does well along with Tarvaris (Jackson) and Aaron (Corp). Put together a system where they can be successful.

Q: How much of his background in offensive terminology was a factor in this?

A: I really think that sometimes we do not give players enough credit where they can come in and learn even if it is new. I grew up in a three-digit system. My first job in the NFL coaching obviously was a West Coast system. I believe the same with players. Players can learn. I do think to answer your question it does help. Just like it did with hiring the coaching staff, where you can come in and relate the language or (say), 'Hey, we might've called this apples here. We are calling it oranges here, but understand the reads, the concepts and the progressions.'

Q: Kevin has suffered through some injuries. What gives you the confidence he can succeed when he gets that chance to play?

A: I think when you talk about 'succeed,' I see the same with Tarvaris and Aaron in that sense. I will talk specifically about the injuries. I think that unfortunately sometimes in this game it is a part of it. Some things you cannot really control. Sometimes I believe with that position, obviously with my background having been an offensive line coach, a sense of responsibility for protecting the quarterback. It is not just about everyone looks at the one hit, but you get multiple hits. Obviously your body wears down and then it becomes more susceptible to a higher risk of injury. And the other thing is schematically being able to give him answers. When the pressure is coming or people are coming free, that he is able to get the ball off and give him those types of outlets as well as being able to take the snap, turn around and hand the football off.

Q: How does this acquisition change your philosophy, if at all, on drafting a quarterback?

A: I do not think it really is going to change the philosophy on the draft. I think that when the position comes whatever is best for our team to get better I think we will go ahead and choose that player whoever it may be. I think that rather than trying to, and I do not want to speak for Buddy (Nix) or anyone else in the organization, rather than trying to reach or go somewhere that you do not want to go you bring the best players you can bring in and you make those guys compete. You are a better football team.

Q: How much was it important to get another veteran on the roster after QB Ryan Fitzpatrick left?

A: I am not going to lie. I think it was important for us to get a veteran on the roster for that competition. Very important.

Q: Kevin has spoken about this being his third chance in this league. A lot of players do not get…

A: Well I think when you see players getting opportunities and obviously people are seeing things that give that player a chance to be successful. To answer it that way, but I will take it the other way. You know as a player when these opportunities are created for you that all of a sudden you are running out of opportunity. So I think it is a two-way street on that. I think that a lot of times all of us coaches, players, no matter who it is, if you do not have success somewhere you want to come back and prove that you are good enough and that you can do this. Player, coach, whoever it may be. I think a lot of times people will refer to that as maybe having a little chip on your shoulder. I do not ever view that as something that is a bad thing. You rarely want to be, I know as a coach myself, I rarely want to be in an area where I am comfortable. I always want a little bit of an edge to myself as you are getting ready to compete.

Q: What do you see in Kolb as you look at him coming in here?

A: Obviously I have seen points where he has been very productive in his career. I just feel that him along with Tarvaris and Aaron have the ability to get the ball where we need it to go and really spread it around. The arm talent in making all of the throws. You are not limited from that standpoint. Being able to pick up the system and have knowledge of the system. To say that, each one of them we have not worked with yet and everyone will be out there at times when we are practicing and you will see it. We will try to make sure the system is fitting the strengths of those players because all of the quarterbacks we have now will be different in some type of way.

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