Matt Bowen: Bills Fans Set Playoff Tone

Usually former players do not make the best analysts of the game because they are afraid to be honest.  They don't want to "break the code."  That is not the case with former Bills safety Matt Bowen.  He was extremely open about his time with the Bills, saying they just simply didn't have enough talent in 2006 to win.  Bowen, now a writer for the National Football Post, could tell from his one year here that if the Bills make the playoffs the fan atmosphere will be like none other.  He also had some open and honest comments about playing for Gregg Williams, as well as the stories of Fred Jackson and George Wilson.

From a former to a current Buffalo safety, Jairus Byrd shared stories of watching his dad play in the NFL and explained why he didn't enjoy going to the games as a kid.  That's all changed now obviously, as you can tell in this conversation that he is anxious to make these games count.  Byrd actually confessed that he missed playing on the offensive side of the ball, and has certainly shown that he has both the hands and the speed if he was ever called upon.

The release of Shawne Merriman surprised a lot of people, including the players.  While defensive end Kyle Moore will miss his friend and mentor, he couldn't deny the great opportunity in front of him.  Moore has played great in the first two pre-season games and is now being rewarded with more reps and a better shot at a roster spot.  While he recognizes that he is playing well, Kyle says that he is still a work in progress and is not satisfied.

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