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McCargo back in the fold

From Buffalo to Indianapolis and back again, it's been a wild 48 hours for defensive tackle John McCargo. After failing a physical with the Colts on Wednesday and seeing his rights revert back to Buffalo, the defensive lineman was back practicing with his old teammates instead of his new ones Thursday.

Bills head coach Dick Jauron chose to look at the situation in a positive light.

"We're glad to have him back," said Jauron. "It didn't go through, he's back with us. We're right where we were and that's good. John's happy I think and we're happy so here we go."

McCargo decided to only make a brief statement to reporters as it had to be an awkward situation for the third-year pro.

"I don't think anything I say is going to make the situation positive," said McCargo. "Right now I don't have anything to say about it. Maybe one day I will."

Jauron, however, doesn't believe the current situation to be awkward at all.

"I don't think so," said Jauron. "We left on good terms certainly and we thought it was in everybody's best interest. It didn't work out so he's back with us. We've had absolutely no problems with the guy and hopefully he'll just play better and better."

With respect to McCargo's failed physical in Indianapolis, Jauron said McCargo's back is fine as far as Buffalo's team doctors are concerned.

"He passed our physical and every physical is a little bit different in the National Football League," Jauron said. "I have great confidence in our medical staff. So I'm really happy that he's back here with us."

Jauron acknowledged the fact that there's always a chance that a trade is voided by a failed physical, but admitted this is the first time he's experienced such a situation first hand.

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