Meet Maddy Glab, the new Bills reporter


Hey Buffalo,

I'm Maddy Glab. I love football Sundays, an exotic blitz, a perfectly executed fade route, a goal horn, a good laugh, snowboarding, a solid workout, wakeboarding, warm summer nights and last but not least, chicken wings. I am absolutely thrilled to be in a passionate sports city like Buffalo as I was raised in Chicago, a city full of fanatics, and spent the last four years working in the SEC. I hope to become a familiar face and friend to the community as I am the new Multi-Media Journalist for the Buffalo Bills and Sabres.

Buffalo feels like a perfect fit because I share the same affection this city has for sports. It's the type of passion that makes you sit in the snow on a frigid Sunday to watch a Bills game. I thank my dad for making me a sports junkie. Being the first born, I was the chosen one to follow in his footsteps of loving and playing sports. Before I could walk, my dad had me watching the Cubs, Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks. Fun fact, the day I was born my dad went to a Bulls playoff game. It was during Michael Jordan's prime years, so I understand. I think it's safe to say that passion is in my blood.

Me with my dad, Russ, at the World Series.
Me with my dad, Russ, at the World Series.

Growing up I played basketball and softball. Softball was my main sport, which I played through high school. One memory that will forever stick with me was in eighth grade when I dove for a ball and ended up taking a line drive off my glove to the face. I was playing center field…CENTER FIELD. I could feel a heart beat in my eye, but I take a lot of pride in the black eye it gave me. As you can guess I needed surgery. I currently have a plastic plate, four screws and titanium surrounding my right eye. Too much information? Nah, I'll keep going. I healed just fine and was back next year for more.

Since sports is my one love, I knew growing up I wanted to work in sports. My original dream was to be the first female in the MLB. Unfortunately, I didn't make that happen. Watching SportsCenter as a kid, I thought - 'Dang, people get paid to talk about sports? I would love to do that.' So, I decided to give it a shot earning a Journalism degree from The University of Missouri. My first job out of college was at Stanford University where I worked in their athletic department as a Producer/Reporter.

Me at one of my high school softball games.
Me at one of my high school softball games.

I spent the last four years working for the University of Tennessee as their On-Air Talent/Multi-Media Producer. From traveling to Africa with athletes on a sports emersion/service trip to being on the road with the men's basketball team during March Madness, I've gotten to cover a lot of amazing events and games. My love for sports continues to grow every year. At Tennessee, I was the sideline reporter during football games for the University's official radio station as well as the sideline reporter for SEC Network digital games for several men's/women's basketball and volleyball games. I appeared on-camera for player interviews and different social media segments. In addition, I also produced feature stories for the football and men's basketball coaches shows.

My new home is Buffalo and my goal is to connect you, the fans, to the teams, coaches and players, as well as share in-depth information about the team you can't get anywhere else. Even though I am not a Buffalo native, I hope you can accept me as an honorary native as I dive into covering the Bills and Sabres. Both teams are trending upwards quickly, so I can't think of a better time to be in Buffalo. I'm ready to scream, cheer and fall in love with these teams and this city. Buffalo, it's great to meet you. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram - @MadGlab. I'm excited to get to know this passionate fan base!

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