Moats named Bills United Way Worldwide Spokesman


Buffalo Bills linebacker Arthur Moats, already an active participant in the Western New York community and a regular at United Way of Buffalo and Erie County events, will continue his work with the United Way after having been selected as one of several active NFL players serving as United Way Worldwide Spokesmen.

Players' responsibilities include spreading the word of the United Way's mission through any means they may have, and encouraging people to volunteer their time to their local communities.

Arthur will continue to remain involved with the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County throughout the 2013 season to work more throughout the area and inspire others to do the same.

"When you are in position to help people out it definitely means a lot. It goes a long way for people," Moats said. "It could be something as simple as just smiling at somebody that could brighten their day and change the course of their life, so I felt like partnering up with United Way definitely is going to help out a lot."

To kickoff the 2013 United Way campaign, Arthur donated $5,000 to a local Buffalo family who lost their home in a house fire last month.

Before dinner, Arthur surprised the family with bikes, a new TV, a laptop, art supplies for the younger kids, furniture, cell phones, gift cards and household necessities.

"The family was very appreciative and excited to see me, because I was able to be there and show them that I was there for them, " said Moats.

The family, whose identity was not released, visited with Arthur, his wife and children, overwhelmed and appreciative of the Moats' generosity.

"I've been through a similar situation. I know people who have had their house burn down. I know how hard it can be on you as a family," Moats said. "We just want to make this transition as smooth as possible. So if me coming in, eating dinner with them and giving them a couple of gifts can help them out and brighten their days up, well then by all means. You could just tell that everyone enjoyed themselves, and the time we spent together was a blessing."

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