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Moats setting positive examples


Buffalo Bills linebacker Arthur Moats turned in a positive and memorable rookie season on the field, but he has also quickly become one of their best representatives off the field as well. Moats visited Buffalo Public School #65 last week and spoke to a small assembly of kindergarten classes and shared his thoughts about education.

"Today I visited PS #65 and spoke to a very rowdy group of kindergarteners about teamwork and character, and they all asked me great questions," said Moats. "We ate cake, signed autographs for the children and I even taught them how to throw a football."

Visiting the school got Moats back into the swing of being around education and students.

"This school visit definitely gave me a little taste of what I'm about to do next week," said Moats. "I'm headed back to Virginia to finish up my degree at James Madison. I got my Bills backpack, my new shoes and everything all set. My degree is going to be in political science."

He has just one more semester left before he's officially a college graduate and Moats is determined to accomplish his goal.

"It's very important for me to finish up my degree, because what I stand for is being a man of standard - that is academic first, and sports second," said Moats. "In order for me to pursue my goal and keep my image out there, I need to be a man of my word and get that degree."

The classes were so happy that Moats came to visit them they made a special cake that said, "Welcome Arthur Moats #52."

"I've never had a cake like that before," said Moats. "That was my first official Buffalo Bills #52 Arthur Moats cake, and might I add it was delicious!"

After everyone ate their cake at the assembly, Moats also went around room-by-room to make quick visits into all of the other classrooms at PS #65.

"The kids were ecstatic to see me and that's something that I still have not gotten used to," said Moats."It was such a warm welcome by the staff and the students. Ultimately you want the kids to have a wonderful time and whenever you can put a smile on the kids face, that's the main goal. The fact that I could do that today was definitely a blessing. I really enjoyed myself today and I look forward to doing this again."

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