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Motorola Coach's Corner: Adrian White

The average fan probably doesn't know what quality control is. What does your job entail? Is it a collaborative effort between you and Perry Fewell and the position coaches?

Perry (Fewell) is definitely my supervisor, my boss, however you want to describe it. I break down film, put in the plays from our practices, make sure the playbooks are up-to-date, the corrections are done, and anything else that the coaches may need, from drawing cards or getting cards together or practice scripts.  I just make sure everybody's on the same page on defense.

Are there certain positions you focus on, or is it a general defensive position?

During practice, I'm generally helping out with the defensive backs, with Coach Catavolos. And also keeping up in practice with the plays that we see, personnel groups, so I can put it in the computer so when they get back, it's already up on the computer screen when they come in.

What's a typical week of preparation like for you before a game?

As far as breaking down film on the Patriots, if they change anything, personnel groups, if they make changes, I do it. Also, if it deals with the playbook.

How does your week differ from a position coach?

I'm responsible for the playbook, and if it's not right, I'm held accountable. I'm responsible for the film, if it's not right, I'm held accountable. Position coaches, they have a position, and they're responsible for what those guys do, and they're held accountable for the way they perform.

You've worked for the Giants, Jaguars, Cowboys, and Lions before ending up with the Bills. It is hard to adjust from one year to another, getting used to different players, different systems?

Actually, I look forward to it. I've read some books by other coaches that were pretty great, and they didn't stay places a long time, early in their careers, because you want to get to know as many people as you can. And if people like you, then eventually you'll settle in somewhere and find a job for a long time. I'm happy here in Buffalo. I would love to stay here.

What was it like coaching in NFL Europe? What did you like most overseas?

I was in Dusseldorf, Germany, for six of the seven years that I was there. The people there, we had real football fans in Dusseldorf. It was a great city, people treated you nice, and it was just an awesome experience. When I entered the league, there was a team in Barcelona, Spain, Glasgow, Scotland, and there was a team in Amsterdam, so I got a chance to see a little bit of Europe, I put my feet in the Mediterranean Sea.

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