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My Daily Routine

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My Daily Routine: Tremaine Edmunds


"My Daily Routine," a new series presented by Supercuts, gives fans a glimpse of the Bills. Highlighting the intricacies that differentiate professional athletes from other individuals, as well as the commonalities that we all share, "My Daily Routine" goes beyond the football field.

That’s the goal of it [is to focus on game day]. I’m the MIKE. I’m the quarterback of the defense. I want to make sure I’m on top of my game [and] make sure I’m on top of getting everybody in line. Even when I leave here, my day isn’t over with. Bills linebacker Tremaine Edmunds

In only his second year on the job, Bills linebacker Tremaine Edmunds has dedicated himself to ensuring that each day, he is doing whatever he can to perfect his craft. From watching extra film with his teammates to taking the time to recover, Edmunds always has game day on his mind. To give fans a glimpse into his life leading up to Sunday, he shared what a typical day looks like for him.

In the morning

I'm usually up around 6:30 – 6:45 a.m. – somewhere around there.

How do you wake up?

I set my alarm on my iPhone.

Are you someone that snoozes your alarm?

I really just became one. I used to get up on the first alarm…I'm not a big snoozer [though]. I'll probably just lay down, but I won't go back to sleep. I'll just lay there for a second or so.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

I mean I kind of just check my messages and stuff, that's it. [Then] I get ready…[and drive to the facility].

Do you listen to any music on your way?

I just put my phone on shuffle. Usually, I try to put a song on that I know that will kind of wake me up a little bit. So, I put a song on that I know all the lyrics to – to wake me up and get me in the mood.

What kind of music do you listen to?

It depends. It really does. Sometimes it's slow music, sometimes it's rap, but whatever I know the words to, I like to put on so that I can get into it.


I get stretched out. Either by Jason [Oszvart] or I go in there and have the belt done to me [by the trainers] …So that's something I do pre-practice.


I kind of switch it up. Some days, I'm lifting after practice. Other days, I'm doing some type of recovery. Whether that's NormaTecs, whether that's [the] sauna, hot tub, cold tub [or] some type of recovery…[I might] have the trainers work on me a little bit, but I'm usually always in there doing something after practice. If it's not working out, it's in the recovery room.


It varies. [I eat] whatever they have up there [in the cafeteria]. I'm not real strict on what I eat, but whatever they have up there I know is good for me, so I just choose from there.

More on his meals

It depends on the day of the week... I try to talk to Will [Greenberg] to get a good plan. I'm not a guy that is real, real strict on a diet, but I obviously don't want to eat bad things. Whatever day of the week it is, [dictates] whether I eat more carbs…but I try to put the right stuff in my body.

After lunch

I…get with some of the guys, [so] we watch film together. We try to watch film together without the coaches, just to see how we see it out there. We do that, a lot of us, get in there and do that. If it's not [watching film], I'm in the training room still. I'm always in the training room, trying to get right. So, I'm still doing some type of recovery. Whether the trainers are stretching me out again or using some tools on me, but I'm always in the training room after all the meetings…

At home

Do you cook for dinner?

It depends on if I eat here [at One Bills Drive] or not. If I eat here, then I go home and relax for a few [and] clear my mind. The time I take in between, really depends on the day. I clear my mind and spend time by myself. Then I look at what we have for tomorrow, look at some film by myself – just breaking it down. The day really doesn't stop when I leave here but [I] definitely take some time for myself…[and] I make sure I get on an iPad and look at some film when I get home.

What else do you do when you are home?

I talk to my family a lot…I [also] just want to go in and watch TV and relax – find something good to watch. [I also] talk to everyone I need to talk to. Everybody knows me. When I'm chillin', I'm chillin'.

What kind of shows do you watch?

I like comedy [and] I like action. My favorite TV show is 'Martin.' So, anytime I can find that, it's good [for me]. I like 'Wild 'n Out' too. I like when that's on – pretty much anything that's going to make me laugh.

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At night

What time do you go to bed?

I try to shut everything off around 10:30 p.m. or so – kind of force myself to sleep. Sometimes it's earlier, sometimes it's a little bit later, but that's the ideal time.

Do you require a certain number of hours of sleep a night?

No, I don't think so. To be honest with you, I think it doesn't really matter. Even if I try to get in there earlier, it still feels the same when I wake up.

Do you listen to anything when you sleep?

No. I'm [all about] silence – TV off. No light. I like it dark.

Do you have any trouble falling asleep?

No. I love putting the temperature down. When I put the temperature down, I can fall asleep easily but if it's hot, [I can't].

What's a good temperature for you?

My temperature is set at 65 [degrees]. I like it cold.

Are you a light or heavy sleeper?

I'm a heavy sleeper. When I'm into it, I'm knocked out.

The why

"That's the goal of it [is to focus on game day]. I'm the MIKE. I'm the quarterback of the defense. I want to make sure I'm on top of my game [and] make sure I'm on top of getting everybody in line. Even when I leave here, my day isn't over with. It's going through stuff, you know...just going through it how I see it, [and find out] what's the right way of doing it. I mean, you just have to work. That's just what it is. That's the business that we're in. It's long days but it's worth it."

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