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My One Buffalo app set to launch in September


Pegula Sports and Entertainment today announced the creation of the My One Buffalomobile application, which will debut in conjunction with the Buffalo Bills' home opener on Sept. 15.

The mobile app, developed by SKIDATA, will allow fans to stay connected to the Bills, Buffalo Sabres, Buffalo Bandits and HARBORCENTER events at all times. My One Buffalo will change the way fans interact with their favorite teams and will revolutionize the in-person and at-home game-day experiences.

"Our goal is to build on the success of the Sabres Fan Advantage app and expand it to include the Bills, Bandits and HARBORCENTER," said Brent Rossi, Pegula Sports and Entertainment's executive vice president of marketing and brand strategy. "In addition to including more of our properties, we're also automating the process for fans to receive credit for their support of our teams and we are providing exclusive offers based on how often they interact. Through our new tier system, fans will improve their tier and receive greater benefits based on how often they connect with our teams and venues."

The other main pillar of the new application revolves around game-day experiences for fans both in person and at home. Among numerous other benefits, fans will now be able to manage all of their tickets and accounts from their smart devices. Through partnerships with Ticketmaster and, fans will be able to purchase and transfer tickets, manage season ticket accounts, and pull up tickets to enter events, all from the app. During games, the app will provide fans with the opportunity to upgrade their game experience. Each team has partnered with Experience, an award-winning provider of mobile fan experience technology, to give fans a chance to purchase seat upgrades, head onto the field after a game or go down to the VIP Ropeline.

As a way to maximize the new state-of-the-art Wi-Fi at Ralph Wilson Stadium, First Niagara Center and HARBORCENTER, new iBeacons have been installed in the venues to allow fans to interact with the app by simply enabling their Bluetooth settings. When fans are at games or events, the iBeacons will recognize their phones and will credit fans for attending the event. The iBeacons will also allow the app to send special offers to fans during games at all venues.

In addition to the in-person experiences, the app will allow even more interaction opportunities for fans in the area or in other cities, including during television broadcasts. Through a partnership with LISNR, which specializes in inaudible tone technology, the app will be able to detect when a fan is tuned in to a game on MSG Western New York and give fans credit for watching. Similarly, any fan who attends a Bills, Sabres or Bandits away game and enables location services in the app will get credit for attending the game.

My One Buffalo will be featured in the Bills' mobile app starting on Sept. 15, and will be incorporated into the Sabres' mobile app in conjunction with the Sabres' season opener on Oct. 13.

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