Nix: We're getting more phone calls than usual



The level of dialogue on the phone lines always picks up on draft day between NFL clubs. Teams feel each other out to see what moves up or down the draft board might be feasible should a prospect they covet fall a spot or two from where they're expected to come off the board. Holders of the eighth overall pick, Buffalo has received considerably more phone calls this year.

"There have been more phone calls than usual," Bills GM Buddy Nix told "I think part of that is the rookie wage scale. Teams are not afraid to move up because the money is not so great. The other thing is this draft class whether it's good or bad is there are differences in opinion and a mixed view. Finding the right value for the right pick makes people try to move in the draft."

With about five hours prior to the draft the conversations with other NFL clubs has been largely general in nature.

"The parameters you usually talk about during the week," Nix said. "To move to here we'd give this and this and this or we'd ask for this. Then you talk (about specifics) when you're on the clock. If the guy is not there that they want to move to get then there won't be any conversation."

Nix has maintained all along that the Bills are open to moving out of the eighth pick and down the draft board. Buffalo's GM has made no secret as to how much he values draft choices and would like to at least get back to the normally allotted seven picks that each club receives. The Bills currently have six picks after sending their seventh-round pick to Seattle in the trade for Tarvaris Jackson.

Based on all the phone calls he has received to this point on day one of the NFL draft, Buffalo's personnel boss believes there's a good chance he'll have options when they're on the clock at eight.

"I think there are options yes, but do I know or am I 50 percent sure that'll happen? I'm not," he said. "You never know. That's what makes this exciting for everybody, it's the unknown. We've got teams interested in moving up and we'll see where we are."

Knowing Buffalo is in the market to add a long term answer at quarterback in the draft asked Nix if he feels confident that two or three of the quarterback prospects he believes could be franchise caliber will be there.

"It'd be strictly a guess, but I would say they'll be there at eight, but if you want to question whether they'll be there in the second round that's a different thing."

Nix said waiting until round two for a quarterback would be "scary."

With respect to moving down the board and still getting a quarterback they like, the Bills general manager admits it's a risk. How far is too far is something he and his staff will need to gauge carefully.

"There's no doubt in my mind that there will be a difference maker at number eight," said Nix. "The decision you have to make is will the guy you want be there at 12, 15, 17 whatever it is and that's the great unknown. We'll make the call, and hopefully it'll be right."

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