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OL Jason Peters - Practice


After practice – AUGUST 19, 2007


On Friday's game

There's a lot of stuff we have to correct. We had a couple mistakes. I had a holding call, which I don't think was a hold but they called it so I have to correct that too.


On whether he feels Friday's game was a step back

The preseason is to get better, so we have two more and we'll just progress as we go.


On what the offense needs to do in the next two preseason games

Just clicking, getting Marshawn the ball, running the ball, JP passing the ball. Just take form and running it. Get the offense going.


On whether he is looking at long term improvement or every snap

It's every snap. We can't have a holding call. We can't have a fumbled snap. Mental errors just correct themselves.


On whether mental errors are easier to correct than physical errors

Yes. You just get in your playbook and study. Physically, you get out there and you're going to get beat sometimes but you can correct the mental errors.


On the little things that need to be corrected

The little things are the mental errors. Taking the wrong step, not knowing the snap count, jumping off sides, stuff like that we can correct and stop.

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