OTA Report - Day 5


There has been a noticeable amount of intrigue surrounding a lot of the new arrivals on Buffalo's roster, particularly on the defensive side of the ball with Mario Williams and Mark Anderson. The talent level of those proven NFL players makes the interest understandable. Flying under the radar to this point however, has been a free agent signee on offense that's getting just as much playing time with the first unit on his side of the ball as Williams is getting on defense.

FB/TE Dorin Dickerson is being given a unique opportunity to add a different dimension to Buffalo's offense as an H-back, something the Bills attack has lacked the past couple of seasons.

"He's more of an H-back type player than an on the line player," said head coach Chan Gailey. "He's good enough to block on the line some, but to say down in and down out that you would ask him to go line up against big defensive ends we wouldn't do that. So we're going to try to take his abilities and work things around to let him be successful."

Dickerson has proven himself a capable receiver coming out of the backfield or lined up wide and blocks well enough to help on run plays or in pass protection.

"I've been doing this since my junior year in college at Pitt so I know how to do it," said Dickerson of the H-back role. "I know how to block and run routes and that's why it's coming easier to me than it might for a regular wide receiver or tight end."

If Dickerson can earn a spot on Buffalo's roster, presumably as a third tight end, it would provide Gailey and offensive coordinator Curtis Modkins a host of different options to throw at opposing defenses.

"It'd be huge for us," said Fred Jackson. "It allows us to do a bunch of different things and disguise some things. He can run routes for us. He's a great route runner. He can even get back there and block for us. When you have a guy that's that versatile it allows you to open up the playbook and do a bunch of different things."

"I'm excited," Dickerson said. "I've just got to take care of my side and do what I've got to do and stay in the playbook and keep learning. The more and more I can learn the more and more I'll be on the field. Hopefully I can help this team when the season comes around."

Easley faring wellHe's seen most of his reps with the second unit through the first two weeks of OTAs, but Marcus Easley has blended back in well with the offense after missing all of last season with a medical condition. His first two NFL seasons have never allowed him to realize any of his vast potential, but it hasn't affected his determination to succeed.

"I don't think I need to talk to Marcus because his attitude has been so good," said Gailey. "His work ethic and the things he's done in the offseason to get ready to participate. He's been so strong and so good I haven't had to say a word to him. He is an upbeat guy. He knows he's got to fight an uphill battle to get into the fray, but I think he can."

Easley turned in the catch of the day Thursday. To view some of the better highlights from Thursday's action just go to the Media Center at Buffalobills.com.

"He's looked good. He doesn't limp. He's not having any shortness of breath," said Gailey in reference to some of Easley's past ailments. "All of those things that were bothering him earlier (in his career) aren't bothering him now. So he's done a good job."

Leaning on WilsonWith a healthy dose of young players in the defensive backfield including rookies Stephon Gilmore and Ron Brooks, a lot of them have been looking to veteran safety George Wilson for tips and cues pre-snap.

Wilson's name is the one that's mentioned most by the other defensive backs for the guy to go to for answers to questions they might have. He along with Kelvin Sheppard are the primary orchestrators of the defensive unit.

"I just try to use my offensive background to help give me a tip on what the offense is trying to do and then also think of based on the defense that we call what are the vulnerabilities, what's the weakest part of the defense," said Wilson. "So I just try to tip other 10 guys off as to what I'm seeing. As a safety I see the whole formation and I try to read the body language and the splits, everything I possibly can to try to give a tip and anticipate what the offense is trying to do to attack us."

ScheduleWeek 2 of OTAs wraps up on Friday with a 12:35 pm practice.

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