Players react after loss to the Titans


BUFFALO BILLS Wide Receiver Stevie Johnson**

On how the loss feels

Yeah man definitely, it's unacceptable for this team to lose like that especially after working so hard it's just unacceptable and we got to be able to make those plays down at the end of the game.

On the late game interception

I guess it was just a coverage thing.  At first, it looked like it was man, maybe it was a two, then the guy carried with Donald (Jones) on the outside.  They just played the right defense, they disguised their defense good and they got us at a crucial time.

On the chances to win the game

It goes both ways you know.  So many for us and them and they just ended up winning at the end.  It was a close game throughout, they came out scoring, we came out scoring, and both teams could've put up big points and stopped the other offense. We were both fighting and they ended up making the plays at the end and we didn't so that was the cause of our loss.

On if 34 points should be enough to win

Yeah but the NFL anything can happen.  We're not playing against high schooler's or none of that this is the league you can put up 35 and you still got to work and it's still never over and it showed out there playing against the Tennessee Titans.

On the way the offense played today and coming up short

Yeah, we did good as an offense but it comes down to playing collectively as a team and it didn't click for us on both sides at the same time this Sunday and they ended up coming out with the upper hand.  We still had a shot there but it's back to the drawing boards.  We'll see what happens when we watch this film and we got a week or two to look back and come back and see what team we want to be when we come back and play against the Texans.

On the loss going into the bye week

Everybody in this room is going to feel this especially because we have a bye week.  The whole 24 hour rule, it'll still be in effect to an extent but we don't have a game to play next week so it'll be like 'oh we should've, we could've,' but it didn't happen.  We got to be able to shake it off and come back stronger.


On how Titans RB Chris Johnson was able to have the day he did:

He told us he was going to. He challenged us and we did not step up to the plate. We had guys out of gaps and he is the type of guy who if you give him a crease he is going to hit it. He has the speed, the agility and the capability to take it the distance, as he showed. We have to look at the film but we just did not play accountable to the guy next to us.

On if it gets frustrating:

Oh yeah, it is frustrating. I wish I could tell you [why it keeps happening], I really do. It is embarrassing. We have to watch the film and we have to come up with answers. We get a week off, which is unfortunate in and of its self because we really are not banged up. We just have to sit with this in our mouth for an extra week. We had a good setup being 3-3 and the AFC East was still wide open. We really put ourselves in a bind.

On if the 3-4 record accurately reflects how the team has played:

Based on how we played, yeah.

On how much better this defense needs to get for this team to be taken seriously:

We know that we have potential. I hate talking about potential. We have to do it. I wish that we could play up to the expectations that everybody has for us. We just are not right now . . . We had more confidence in ourselves than anybody outside the place. We feel like we brought in the guys to really solidify our defense, both run and pass. We got (DT) Kyle (Williams) back. I do not know. I wish I could put my finger on it. I do not think anybody in this locker room can.


On his feelings after the game:

Very disappointed. We had an opportunity to win the game and we didn't. We have to sit around for about ten days before we can prepare again, and dwell on the loss. It wasn't what we wanted to do, but it's what happened.

On running the football:

There were some great running lanes, and we knew that coming in. No disrespect to them, but they are not big upfront, not very fast, and we knew running the ball was going to be a top priority. The offensive line did a great job opening the running lanes and just trying to take what they gave us.

On turning the ball over after offensive success:

You are not going to win when you turn the ball over; it came back and hurt us today.  That's football, and it happens, we got to find a way to fix it. Hopefully we will come off the bye week and that's it now, come down to if we want to make the playoffs or not. Every game will pretty much come to a must win game.

On the inconsistency of the team:

The main thing is try to convert on third down. You are not going to win too many if you don't. Very disappointed we let this one get away. Definitely had our opportunity to go into the bye with a great record. We're 3-4, it is what it is; we'll regroup and get ready.


On the Titans' final touchdown:

I personally feel like it was on me. I had an opportunity to get an interception and I did not come up with the ball, which would have sealed the victory. It would not have allowed them a fourth down. It would not have put our offense back on the field in a position of having to get points for us to win the game. Those are the plays we need to make in order to be a good football team. I did not make that play and I personally feel like it is on me.

On how difficult that is to take:

It is not difficult when you know what you are capable of doing. I have made that play before. Those are the plays that, like I said, take the pressure off the offense of having to go back out there. We have to stand up. The offense fought their tails off to get us points and keep us in the game. I have to make that play, bottom line. I have to make that play.

On what the situation is with this team:

We are just inconsistent. We cannot give up big plays in the run or pass (game). We cannot continue to do that and expect different results. We have a bye week. We have to sure this thing up and get ready to make a run when we get back.

On if this loss stings a little more since it's the only home game in a period of several weeks:

Yeah, we have to be able to protect our home turf. Last time we were here we lost against New England. For us to be the team we talked about being, that we aspire to be, we have to protect our home turf as well as being able to win on the road.

On what went wrong on those big run plays in the first half:

It was just guys not being where they were supposed to be and you saw that. I do not know how long that run was, but you saw the long run as a result. You cannot be inconsistent in your run fits and in your tackling when you are expected to be a good defense.


On losing the game on a touchdown with less than two minutes to go:

Yeah, it's tough whenever. Regardless of how the game was going, to be right there at the end of the game and to not close it out is something that definitely hurts.

On re-evaluating every phase of the team during the Bye Week as a leader:

I just have to look at myself and get better.   This bye week is going to be a long one, especially the way this (game) ended up.  Just try to get back healthy, and like I said, just find ways to make an impact in the scheme and things like that. Just find ways to play better, faster and just get after it.

On what he sees looking at himself:

I'm hesitant. I got a lot of hesitation and I don't know if it's just me in general, but that's on me and that's fine.  I know I have to change that, believe me. I don't need anybody to tell me that.  I look at it just like everybody else does.

On the amount of points given up the past four weeks:

Fundamentally the gap positions just didn't fit things right. And with that back (Chris Johnson) like I said earlier this week he's going to hit that crease and he's gone.  He's super-fast, and like I said, if you give him that crease he's going to take it.  Whenever he hits those holes… you know that was the game.

On finding a solution defensively:

I think right now we're trying everything.  We're switching this, switching that but at the end of the day it's just not fitting things right for whatever reason during the point of attack. It's part of the game.  Whether or not we're supposed to squeeze down, we're supposed to stay in this gap and hold it until they commit and vice-versa or fall back. For whatever reason those gaps are getting huge and they exploit it.

On the disappointment of having a chance to win and not capitalizing:

I think the biggest thing, regardless of how ugly it was for us to be in that position, for him (Matt Hasselbeck) to just two-step, throw it up there and for him (Nate Washington) to come down with it, it was tough.

On his confidence in the defensive scheme:

I believe that if that in the end of the day whenever you are told to do something you go out and do it.  Especially when you know that at the end of the day it's not necessarily what's going on in the scheme.  Its gap sounds, it's fitting the gaps and that's across the board. That's every player getting in trouble with that.  Things could be different just like anywhere. I mean if things were going good it wouldn't be it could go this way or it could go that way.  We have to fit whatever we are being told to do.

On how he is feeling physically:

I really need this bye week.  Just like I said, just to get back at it, evaluate myself, just try to get healthy and take care of my body.

On if his hesitation being physical or mental:

It's more physical.  No, the scheme can't really… we tried that. We tried just about everything. You can't get too much simpler.  It's just physical. That's about it.

On the frustration of trying everything seven weeks into the season:

We're definitely a talented team. And at this point, like I said, it's the little things that you face guys that we've been facing that will exploit you and takeoff. So it's pretty tough.

On if he's lived up to the expectations:

I don't care about your expectations. I don't care about anybody's expectations.  That's the thing, no like I said, I need to play better and I need to get healthy is number one on my point.  I can say this and you can take it however you want to take it, it really doesn't matter to me. I really don't care what you think, but at the end of the day I know I need to get physically back into things so I'm not hesitating physically on the field.

On the urgency from and frustration of the team's fans:

You have to understand our sense of urgency and our frustration because like I said it's a simple play of us not fitting things and they're blowing up tremendously.  Its huge, huge plays and it's on each of us individually.  At the end of the day if you cover, cover. If you rush, rush. If you tackle, tackle. If you fit your gap, fit your gap… From the first play to the last.

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