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QB Ryan Fitzpatrick: "This is one that'll stick with us"

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

Monday, October 1, 2012

On the changes the team will have to make along the offensive line:

It is always tough disrupting that chemistry and we had some continuity going there. Fortunately for us, the two guys stepping in have been here and have played. In that sense, bringing in guys that have experience in this system does help. It is something we will see as the week goes on how they do and how the other guys are doing. It is just something we will have to deal with.

On the game plan not changing despite having new faces on the offensive line:

I think we expect that they are going to get in there and do their job. I do not think you can go into a game and change who you are because of one or two pieces up front. We expect guys to come in, step up and play well. We are not going to change who we are because of what is going on up front.

On what is going on when he underthrows a pass:

It is just something I have to work on. Putting it out there and really letting him use his speed. You saw it on that play, just how explosive he can be and blow right by somebody. It's just something that I have to work on and continue to improve at.

On why the offense has not been consistent and if turnovers are the main reason for that:

Yeah, I would say turnovers are number one and nobody is going to win games in this league turning the ball over like we did in game one and game four. Obviously those were two big time losses and turnovers really said it all in those two games. I think when you talk about consistency-it starts with possessing the ball and not giving it up to the other team. It is something we thought we were better at in Week Two and Three. Unfortunately we are back to square one. We have to continue to make that a main focus for us.

On how much of a bad taste yesterday's game is in the team's mouth:

It was tough. To be up a couple scores in the second half and to really have the game get away from us as quickly as it did, it is hard for guys in this locker room to swallow. It is one that will hang with us. You try to block it out with Chan's 24-hour rule and all that. You hope it does not linger into the next game. That is the battle we will fight this week in putting all our energy and effort into San Francisco.

On people wondering if this is the same team who has continually struggled in the division:

We have not done anything to prove otherwise. We came out of the gates and struggled versus the Jets and the Patriots. In order to change that perception (it is) in order to win games. Unfortunately, our first two division opponents we played poorly against.

On if it is hard to get past the loss because of how much stock was put into the game:

It was a big game for us. I think Buddy (Nix) said you use this as a measuring stick of kind of where you are. I think it showed us that we are not as far along as maybe we thought we were. That being said, I think just like that Week One loss this is a great group of guys, an experienced group of guys that have been through it all before. I have all the confidence in the world that we are going to be able to put this one behind us and move on. Go out on that West Coast trip and do some good things.

On how to seize the momentum back within a game:

That is something that is tough. And with the Patriots, the last two times we have played them, they really captured the momentum and not let it go. I thought in the Browns game, that was a game for us that we came out on fire early. They responded and really took all of the momentum away from us. Then we were able to get that touchdown late to Stevie (Johnson) and our defense was able to close out the game. So I thought we showed some growth in that game with a situation like that. Unfortunately we took a step back versus New England.

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