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QB Trent Edwards - June 3

Tuesday, June 3, 2008
On offense making a lot of plays in practice
I think in the last couple of practice we're making a lot of good offensive plays off of plays we've never ran before. We're gaining confidence after running them over and over again. I'm kind of getting into a rhythm and the receivers are getting into a rhythm and we're getting on the same page after running them over and over again.
On the false starts in practice
That's kind of Pop Warner 101. That's the first thing you learn and in football and you have to make sure you're on the snap count. If you don't go on the right snap you're not going to go in the right direction but the thing is too we're mixing our cadences up a lot more than we were last year. That's putting a lot more on the guys and going back to my first point we're putting in a lot more plays that we haven't run before. Guys are thinking a lot more. But once you run them over and over again you know what you're doing on a play so now you can start thinking more about the snap count.
On Felton Huggins and Scott Mayle getting more reps
I've been very pleased with Felton [Huggins] and Scott [Mayle]. Those guys have come a long way since they first started up here last year with me. You can just tell they're running smoother, they know where they're going with their splits and their routes and that builds a lot confidence because of that. You ran the play before, you've worked with Tyke for over a year now and those guys are taking onto the coaching and as a result are making a lot more plays for us.
On Scott Mayle's speed
And I think Scott would argue that he's one of the fastest receivers on our team. I would say Roscoe [Parrish] and Lee [Evans] are up on that… he's only going to get better from here on out.
On what the talk at the end of practice was about
I was in California all weekend so I didn't hear anything until today and to be honest, I haven't even heard anything about it. And the guys in the locker room behind haven't said anything about it either. Honestly, I'm the wrong person to talk to about it.
On Marshawn Lynch having fun on the field as usual
Marshawn [Lynch] is always going to be that way, light on his feet and always having a good time out there. That's why it's enjoyable to play with a guy like that and know that when you put the football down he's going to play hard and knock people over. But you still have to keep it light though. This is a long football season. It's nice to have guys like that around you.

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