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Quarterback JP Losman - Postgame



On his interception early on


It was just a miscommunication there. I thought he was coming over, but we just have to get that fixed. As a quarterback it's your job to be on the same page so we have to get that thing done.


On if it seemed like playing catch-up from the start


It's hard to play in any type of sport you're playing when you jump to an early lead like that, a big lead. You're looking for anything, looking for some momentum and trying to build something, some enthusiasm. Especially as a quarterback, as a leader, trying to get that enthusiasm and we felt fine. We still felt like we were seeing what they were doing, but you can't make mistakes against these guys. An off-sides penalty called like twice hurt us, put us back to third and long. They're extremely good at third and long, they don't give it up. That's why their undefeated and who they are.


On where this team goes from here and if they have to put this game behind them


You have to. It hurts. If it doesn't hurt there is something wrong with you. You're not going to forget it that easily. But we have to realize we could have changed a play here or a play there, but you have to give it to them as well. Hats off, they're a good ball club and have been for quite some time. And everyone else right now feels like everyone's playing catch-up.


On the touchdown pass to Roscoe Parrish


They were blitzing when we spread things out. So they gave us a cover zero look, one-on-one there. It was one of the few times they did it and we held them just enough to get the throw off and when you have cover zero you can either lead them or not lead them because the guy's back is to you. Roscoe [Parrish] made a good play, stopped and had to come back to the ball and scored.


On if it bothers him that the Patriots were going for it on 4th down when leading by a large margin


No. This is football, it's a rough game. It's a man's game and it's a tough game. You're going to have to deal with it sometimes. You don't just get hit and helped back up sometimes they're going to kick you when you're down. We made mistakes to put ourselves in that situation and this is a team where you can't do that.


On if he has ever seen a team coached like New England


You watch it on film and you could watch tape on them as much as you want, but every game they're going to do something new. They're going to find out what you're doing and counter that. I'm talking the next series. They found out what our blocking scheme on a certain play and they're going to bring it from another place now. So they're pretty good at doing that and making you see things for the first time. You watch film on these guys, why is a quarterback doing this or why is that guy doing that? I would have done this, but then you play them and they're moving around pretty good and guys playing extremely well.


On Kevin Everett's speech prior to kickoff


It was emotional. I was excited. I was pumped. We've been getting some good news from him for the last week or two weeks. Seeing him talk and walk around… that's been exciting, but to actually physically see his face and have him talking, it's exciting for everybody. Not just our team, but I think for everybody around the League. It's a positive story, influential story and should inspire a lot of people.



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