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Quarterback Trent Edwards

Bills Quarterback Trent Edwards


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On remembering playing against John Beck in college

I don't but I think they were switching in quarterbacks when we played (BYU).  He was in with a couple other guys.  We won 18-14.  I threw three picks and was 10 of 27 for 26 yards.  I had a rushing touchdown and we got the win so that was good.  We picked him off on the winning drive on the way back, but we got out of Provo with a win so that was nice. 


On playing against John Beck as a professional

To be honest I don't remember playing him in college.  I briefly remember him being in there.  I don't think we ever started against each other so this will kind of be the first time for us.  We developed a relationship through the combine and the rookie premier and off-season workouts and everything.  It's another game and I'm just excited to get back out there again. 


On the lack of touchdowns becoming an issue

It's still a big issue and you still look at what you're doing wrong and what other teams are doing against that defense and how they're attacking them.  Sometimes it's just a missed read or something real minor and that's what is real frustrating.  You look at our red zone on tape and there are things that are open and we're just not going to the right spot.  There was a couple in the game on Sunday that I missed and I'll hopefully be able to fix that by this Sunday. 


On Beck being drafted 50 spots ahead of Edwards

I've kind of gotten over the draft process.  Now I've kind of realized that it is just the starting point of everyone's career.  The Dolphins were a little more interested in Beck then they were in me and that's kind of the way the process works out and I don't blame anyone for that or anything.  I'm happy to be where I'm at right now with the Buffalo Bills.  That's just kind of the way it went. 


On the expectation of being in the playoff hunt right now when you were drafted

On draft day I wasn't sitting there thinking I wish I was on this team and I'm hoping we're sitting at this record come December 4th.  I didn't really have that all played out.  I had expectations and intermediate short term goals from that point on.  I can give you general expectations, not really specific ones that I had in mind.  This is kind of a little bit more than I was expecting obviously and I'm just trying to take it and learn from the past and move on here on Sunday.


On having more leeway with the offensive game plan and taking more chances downfield

Yes and I think part of it was the Redskins were putting some guys in the box and they gave us opportunities to go down the field a little bit more than usual.  As a quarterback you want to be able to do that and help your team move the ball down the field and other times there are times when you have to go underneath because you can't force the ball down field as well.  So there are still those areas and we were able to make some big plays down the field and move the chains. 


On the Miami defense

They have only lost six games by three points or less so they could easily be sitting at 6-6 just like us.  They're physical and they understand their schemes.  They're pretty experienced and we struggled against them much like other teams did too.  I think the Jets played pretty well in the second half and I think the Jets had about ten days to prepare for that and I think the Dolphins just came off that Monday night game against the Steelers so that might have had a little to do with it too.  I'm expecting another hard fought, close football game on Sunday and we need to have a great week of practice. 


On the coldest game Edwards has played in and playing in cold weather

I'm hoping I can just adjust when the time comes.  It's not something you have to get overly concerned with and stress out about.  There wasn't any particular problem with the weather in Washington so if it's not anything too worse than the Washington weather I'm hoping then we'll be okay. 


On throwing the ball with gloves on

When we practiced outside a couple weeks ago I was trying to work with some gloves in terms of ball handling and seeing if I could still throw a spiral with a glove on my right hand.  Come Sunday, maybe if it's too cold and I can still get it out of my hand accurately I might try to do something like that. 


On the throw to Josh Reed at the end of the Washington game

I hope it can build some confidence for me and I hope I can learn from it.  There were a ton of other plays that I need to look at and make sure that I register in my mind and make sure I'm not doing those plays over again.  Fortunately, we were able to complete that last pass there and Josh was in the right spot at the right time.  Seeing yourself make that play and the 10 other guys seeing you make that play will hopefully develop a lot of confidence amongst each other and build some camaraderie and come the next situation you face when we're in a desperate situation hopefully we can do that again.


On the effect of the wind on throwing the ball in Ralph Wilson Stadium

It wasn't too bad.  It would change a little bit here and there.  Tom Brady didn't have any trouble throwing it and J.P. (Losman) was throwing spirals there too.  So it wasn't anything I was too concerned with.  It's an adjustment you have to make as a quarterback and the sooner you can get through that and work through it the sooner you can complete some passes.   



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