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Quarterback Trent Edwards - 8/1


PM Practice – August, 1, 2008


On where he sees the offense at this point in training camp and how the defense compares to the offense

I don't know that there's a rating I could give. I feel like we have gone back and forth the past couple of practices in different periods and working in different situations. We've done a good job at some times and we've made mistakes at some times so it's kind of gone back and forth but I don't know where we rank compared to them right now. I can't really give you a grade on that but we're just trying to improve. I know defensively and offensively we're trying to get better each day.


On if it is difficult seeing a teammate get injured like Alvin Bowen and having to regroup and move on

It is because he's one of us, he's one of our friends, he's one of our teammates and he's worked out just as hard as everybody else on that field has worked. And it's tough to see a guy like that who is young and is passionate about the position and the game who wants to win, wants to get better and wants to make the team. And when that happens it makes you kind of stop for a second and realize that there are injuries that happen in this sport. I think he would want us to continue to practice, continue to get better. Hopefully it's not a serious problem and hopefully we get him back here pretty soon.


On getting rushed out of the pocket and the possibility of contact

You can't hold your breath or hesitate. You have to takeoff and run when the opportunity presents itself but there are times where you have to make sure that you protect yourself and get down. There are some pretty big players out there. I remember last year Kawika Mitchell hit me pretty hard when we played the Giants and I got picked off by him. I have to make sure I do a good job of not getting into those big hits and I'm protecting my body and myself but at the same point not hesitating to get the first down for the team.


On being placed at wide receiver a few times

It's just a different situation. It's a different look we're providing against the defense and it just gives a different look that they're going to have to adjust to. It's another 20 to 30 minutes that the defense is going to have to spend studying film. And when we put a play like that out on tape and you put me out at wide receiver for any sort of reason it gives the defense problems and makes them need to adjust.


On if there is a high level of competition in the four and two minute drills

Absolutely. First off, it does a good job of making sure we know that it's a game-like situation as our head coach is stepping in the first play before hand and telling us what the situation is. He makes sure everyone is aware of it and tries to make it as game-like as possible. That's something that I need to do better is put myself in those game situations where I say 'what would I do in this situation.' And not just take it like a practice, take it like a game-like situation, make sure that I'm practicing that way so everyone else around me practices that way

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