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Quarterback Trent Edwards - 8/6


PM Practice – August 6, 2008


On the preparation for the game against Washington:

I'm getting pretty excited. We're going against the same defense over and over these days, and they're kind of ready to hit someone new, and I think that's the way the rest of the offense feels.  We're going to start implementing some of our game plan this week, these next couple days, and hopefully we can come out good on Saturday.


On how some of the younger receivers are progressing:

Josh (Reed) is a little dinged up right now so we need the other guys to step up, it's going to happen during the season, we're going to need those young guys that are getting a lot of time right now to perform during the season. Hopefully, getting a look at some things right now during training camp, that'll help if Josh were to go down this year.


On how much playing time he expects to get against Washington:

I have not heard anything yet, so I'm just going to be ready to go, whatever they need me to do. I'm going to be ready to go on Saturday, and understand the game plan, and get the ball down the field.


On what he hopes to get from the first preseason game:

I'm looking to try to get back in a game situation, putting on a game jersey, and getting back into the flow of things, seeing a lot of different coverages, a lot of things that we haven't seen yet so far in camp, and a lot of different looks that we have to get used to in the regular season.


On getting hit for the first time in the preseason:

It's an adjustment, but once that first hit goes down, you're back in the swing of things, you're a football player, you don't have that red jersey on anymore and you have to be ready to go. Put your mouthpiece in, strap up your chin strap and be ready to go.


On how he and Coach Schonert work together:

I think we'll talk briefly about that and more so during the season, to get on the same page about that. In the preseason, we're trying to run some pretty basic stuff, and make sure we're understanding the initial foundation of our offense. We're going to get these first plays down and go from there.


On adding the tight end to the offense this year:

We have playmakers at tight end, we have to get the ball to Rob (Royal), Derek (Schouman), all of those guys. They're good, all of those guys. We're going to call their plays, and when their plays are called, we have to make sure to get them the ball.



On the changes with Turk Schonert as offensive coordinator:

Just some paces on the offense. We'll get through some different looks, just in terms of some different formations and shifts that you didn't see last year, we might mix in some things that you won't see a lot of. We'll be able to see more on Saturday, once we get it going.


On looking to develop more of a vertical passing game:

I need to work on all of that. I need to face different coverages, I need to face an opposing team, and that's what I'm looking to get out of Saturday. We need to get the ball down the field, convert on third down, get some first downs, keep moving the chains and put some points on the board.


On working the tight ends in more this year:

Throughout the year last year, we tried to get them the ball, I think the Dolphins game, Rob (Royal) had a couple touchdown passes. Getting them the ball, that opens up everything.

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