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Quick Hits: QB decision to be determined


Bills head coach Sean McDermott knew the question was coming after saying Sunday night that he wanted to review the game tape before deciding on who would start at quarterback for him this week against Los Angeles.

"I know that question is coming, and it'll probably be the first question," said McDermott. "I'm still going through it. I'm going to continue to evaluate where we are, dotting the 'I's, crossing the 'T's and taking it one step at a time."

So, McDermott will decide on his starting quarterback later in the week, presumably before the team begins installation of their game plan in practice on Wednesday.

When asked about how Peterman performed Sunday, McDermott offered the following.

"I thought he made some good decisions and some decisions that he'd like to have back," said McDermott. "Overall as an offense we didn't move the ball. You saw that on Sunday. We didn't have success on offense. You can't go three-and-out and not with the field position game and put the defense back on the field. From an offensive standpoint it wasn't good enough, or a defensive standpoint or a special teams standpoint."

As for Allen, there is the development plan that McDermott and his offensive staff have in place. After Allen replaced Peterman will that plan be altered, and will Allen become the starter?

"There are a lot of things that would go into that decision," McDermott said. "To get into all the things that I have to look at and consider, it's not as simple as some might think. I've got to look at the overall team in all three phases and Josh's development being one of them. I have a lot of confidence in Josh and in this football team. We'll continue to grow and develop. We've got a lot of young players on this football team. The path to success is never a clean one. It takes ups and downs and takes you on a journey sometimes to places where we don't want to be like yesterday. But we'll continue to grow and develop this football team."

Injury update Buffalo came out of the game with a pair of injuries. Nickel corner Taron Johnson sustained a shoulder injury in the first half while making a tackle and did not return.

Meanwhile DE Shaq Lawson suffered a hamstring injury.

Head coach Sean McDermott didn't have much to offer in the way of details Monday afternoon.

"Shaq and Taron are still being evaluated," he said.

The severity of both injuries will come into clearer focus on Wednesday when the first injury report of the week is released.

Vontae fit to play The Bills chose to sit veteran CB Vontae Davis on Sunday as an inactive player. When asked about the decision to make Davis inactive last Sunday, McDermott stated it was a decision based on flexibility.

"There's a lot that went into that decision," he said. "Number one was getting the right guys on the field that we felt were right for game one. With respect to Vontae as it relates to the DBs you can have up. It doesn't really give us the flexibility on special teams or the ability to move inside like when Taron went down. Phillip is able to do that as well, so when you're counting numbers and who can be up and numbers on the active roster we have to think about all those things."

When Taron Johnson went down with the aforementioned shoulder injury it put the secondary in a difficult position.

However, instead of moving Phillip Gaines into the slot, they left him on the boundary at corner and chose to bring S Rafael Bush on the field to play in the slot. Baltimore saw it as a mismatch with WR Willie Snead and targeted Snead a lot on the next two possessions.

When asked if Davis is fit to play right now, McDermott answered in the affirmative.

Knowing the Johnson injury could force the team's hand, Buffalo may have to take a long look at their numbers at cornerback with the caliber of passing attack coming to town on Sunday.

"With an injury to Taron and who the next man up would be, we'll get more and more information back on the injuries into tomorrow," said McDermott. "But as far as our overall roster we're still just in the second year here. So, we're trying to get this right and continue to build for the future here."