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Quick Hits: Surgery successful for Russell Bodine


It didn't look good when Russell Bodine went down with a lower leg injury in the first half of Sunday's game and left the field with a heavy limp and some assistance from the athletic training staff. On Monday, head coach Sean McDermott informed the media that Bodine's 2018 season is over.

"Russ had a fractured fibula. He had surgery (Monday)," said McDermott. "We expect a full recovery. He'll be out for the season, but the surgery went well as planned. We'll get him back some time this offseason."

The team did not have a corresponding roster move right away. The club did work out a couple of players on Monday.

Ryan Groy is expected to fill the void at the starting center over the final four games of the season.

Hughes' postgame interaction with official in league's hands

Bills DE Jerry Hughes sought out a member of Shawn Hochuli's officiating crew after the game Sunday that was captured on video by the media. Coach McDermott followed up by speaking with Hughes to get to the bottom of what happened.

"I did see the video. Out of respect for the situation I'm going to let the league handle that," said McDermott. "Jerry and I have spoken. I have all the information from Jerry that I need. We'll move forward from there."

McDermott confirmed that the league reached out to address the issue and it's now in their hands to render a decision on the matter.

Last December the league issued a memo after a rash of run-ins between officials and players and coaches, either physically on the field or verbally. In the part the memo stated that the league would "continue to emphasize enforcement of unsportsmanlike conduct rules with our officiating crews, and they will be encouraged to disqualify players for any offenses directed at them. Such offenses may also result in fines, and/or suspensions."

Whether Hughes actions with the official falls under that umbrella will be determined by the league.

Penalty count too costly

The Bills came into their Week 13 game at Miami among the league leaders in penalties assessed against them. Unfortunately, their problems drawing yellow flags continued.

The Bills had 13 penalties assessed against them in the loss to the Dolphins for a total of 120 yards.

"We always take ownership of all of it," said McDermott. "That's where we start and then you try to peel back the layers. If it's pre-snap or post-whistle those are the ones that are non-negotiable. Those are the ones that hurt.

"The ones that happen during the course of the play, which ones were aggressive penalties, technique based where we were out of position or used the wrong technique. So we categorize them so we can improve on that and that's an area where we must improve moving forward."

Buffalo's offensive line has had more than their fair share of infractions this season. On Sunday, they were responsible for four of the 13 penalties assessed with two false starts and a pair of holding calls.

Coming into the game the Bills had the fifth-highest total of false starts in the league. For Buffalo's sideline boss it has reached a breaking point.

"When you look at false starts and holding and you look up front at our offensive line, it's gone way past the point of where we need to have it to win games," he said. "So we have to get that corrected. You make it hard to win when you do that."

Buffalo now has 100 penalties in 12 games, the second highest total in the league thus far this season. Only Kansas City has been flagged more often (108).

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