Quick Hits: Taylor is our starter


Taylor is our starterOne subpar performance on offense has prompted those outside observers frustrated with the production on that side of the ball to question the quarterback position. One who isn't questioning it is Bills head coach Sean McDermott.

"Tyrod is our starter," said McDermott flatly.

Taylor was 17-24 passing for 125 yards as most of his completions were on short throws underneath or swing passes. The options downfield were few and far between for Buffalo's quarterback against an extremely fast Carolina defense.

McDermott is looking at the offense in total, which is why he's looking at how each position on that side of the ball can improve including quarterback.

"This is about us moving forward as an organization as a football team to get better and better and better," he said. "That's every position. What I said earlier I meant. We have to do that. We have to be honest with ourselves with what we're getting and put ourselves in the best position to win games."

But for McDermott that means helping his starting quarterback, not pulling him out of the lineup.

"You stay with the plan. I've been around a couple of coaches that have had what I would consider pretty good success in this league, Andy Reid among them," said McDermott. "I watched him in a similar situation. He stuck to the plan. And you adjust the plan from time to time. That's what you do. But every decision Andy made and every decision we're trying to make is in the best interest of this team and organization both short and long term. That's how you stay the course. It's the early part of the season. This week the challenge is for the leaders, like myself to get in front of this team and for us to bounce back.

"I expect Tyrod to come out and put in a good week's work just like the rest of our football team and come out firing come Sunday."

Changing the looks on offenseWhen you manage just 39 yards of offense in the first half and your feature back has just nine yards on 12 carries, there might be some elements of your offense that needs to be refreshed. Head coach Sean McDermott said how the offense looks pre-snap will be closely examined this week, with some changes likely for Sunday's game against Denver.

"We've got to look at that and find out what we have to do to spread the ball around the field and doing different things," he said. "We're looking at everything to try to change things up. We have to try to keep defenses on their heels a little bit more. That was an aggressive defense we were playing and we knew that. There were certainly some things we could've done better and we didn't get it done."

It sounds like Buffalo's personnel groupings and alignments will be more unpredictable heading into this week and that's probably a good idea. Denver's defense is every bit as fast as Carolina's and they have even better coverage players on the back end. Getting them to hesitate to diagnose a play or take a false step on a read can mean the difference between a successful play for the offense or a failed one.

"It's hard to win games in this league when you're scoring three points," said McDermott. "We've got to look at a lot of things and we're going to do that this week."

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Lawson has nerve contusionShaq Lawson finished the game for the Bills and in 42 snaps had five tackles, a sack, a tackle for loss and a quarterback hit. Unfortunately, Lawson also suffered an injury. Head coach Sean McDermott provided an update Monday.

"He had a little bit of a nerve contusion," said McDermott. "They're still evaluating it. He made a lot of progress from Sunday to Monday. We're still going through that evaluation. We'll know a little more in the next 24-48 hours."

There were no updates on Marcell Dareus or Cordy Glenn. Both suffered ankle injuries in the game. Dareus returned, but Glenn did not after leaving the game at halftime.

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