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Quote Sheet | Bills focused on getting win number nine in Dallas on Thanksgiving


1. Cole Beasley is returning to Dallas

Cole Beasley joined the Buffalo Bills this offseason after spending his entire career with the Dallas Cowboys. On Thursday, he'll return to AT&T stadium but in the visiting locker room.

"Yeah I mean a part of you wants to win it a little more maybe I guess but I want to win them all," Beasley said. "So it's not really that much different. It'll be fun to go against a lot of guys that I've done in practice over the last few years so it will be cool to do that. I won't be talking any serious smack just some joking around."

"I've been happy here so I'm kind of focused more on what we've been doing here so I haven't thought about it. There's no ill will or anything I still think I made the right decision and what was best for me and I don't regret it one bit. I've had a blast with these guys and getting to know these guys has been awesome and it's been cool man."

2. Josh Allen hit a turning point

Josh Allen has put together one of the best stretches of his career so far and found solace in the loss to the New England Patriots knowing he had to improve for the Bills to win.

"It's crazy to say it but probably after that Patriots game. It was obviously one of those games that wasn't pretty, but it was necessary for growth and for development," Allen said. "Understanding what I can and can't do on a football field and after that week I kind of thought to myself 'I need to be better I need to do things different.' I've been helped out a lot with coach Daboll and coach Dorsey and the quarterbacks in our room. I feel like things are going in the right direction right now, I'm seeing things pretty well but that's something that can go away, so I have to continue to stay on top of it and keep working hard."

3. National stage doesn't matter to Micah Hyde

For Micah Hyde the Bills lone game in the national spotlight won't affect their ability to go out and play.

"We're trying to go out there and get a win," Hyde said. "You know, compete. We've been working the last couple days on Dallas and watching a lot of film and stuff like that. As far as showing the world about the Buffalo Bills, I don't know, we want to go out there and compete and make plays. You know last two minutes of the football game see what we can do to and get out of there with a win. So, we're not too worried about all of the fans watching."

4. Cody Ford feeling confident

After shutting down Von Miller, rookie Cody Ford feels his confidence is increasing and his play has shown it.

"I feel great still learning at this point. I'm still learning things and I'm building from after the bye week," Ford said. "Since then my confidence is rising. I don't know what it is; but I know I've just been a new way. Now, I can do this. … Since the bye week, it's been more like you just go and play football."

5. Taron Johnson still a little sore

The Bills are still recovering from Sunday's game; but it will be something that each team will have to deal with.

"I mean my body's a little sore but they're doing the same thing so we're both gonna be beat up out there and that's just the name of the game," cornerback Taron Johnson said.

Johnson, who was named to the Pro Football Focus team of the week, can't wait to play on the national stage.

"I'm excited having all my people back home being able to watch the game because they don't get a lot of games on the west coast, just playing on national stage is dope," Johnson said. "It's definitely a dream and I just know that's what I used to do on Thanksgiving just be with my family watching football and just being able to be out there while that's happening is amazing."

6. Ed Oliver reflecting on defensive role

Ed Oliver was replaced in the starting lineup by Jordan Phillips. It was a change that was necessary for Oliver to become better, he says.

"Well you gotta give it to the guy who has seven sacks," Oliver said. "I think I only had one when he took over and started. I think he had a couple more and sitting back and watching how he was getting his and how he went to work that just helped me tremendously. To see what we was doing and the success he had made me want to get better."

"As a young guy it's kind of hard to be patient and I'm an impatient person but it's a game of inches. Two inches and you're there and two inches and you're not. I think that was the difference and me needing to calm down mentally and do what I needed to get there."