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Quote Sheet | Bills plan to come back stronger in 2020


1. Build from it

Head coach Sean McDermott gave his praise to the Houston Texans team while recognizing what Buffalo must do to not be in this position next season.

"OK, obviously a hard-fought game. Had opportunities to win the game. You know, we didn't get the job done. They made plays. They made more plays than we did, and congratulations to them. I'll give them credit, but we had opportunities to win the game and we came up short. Not an easy thing -- not an easy pill to swallow this time of year. A lot of pain in that locker room. A lot of work has gone into it. And so we learn from it, and we go on into the offseason and keep building, keep working."

2. Bills will never stop fighting

The Bills season is over, but the work has just begun for next season says Sean McDermott.

"Yeah, there's nothing that I was going to say that was going to take the pain away. We've worked really hard. We've worked all offseason, all season long. The guys gave it everything they had, and they will never stop fighting. The Buffalo Bills will never stop fighting."

3. McDermott's locker room message

Josh Allen dished on what McDermott told the Bills locker room after the loss.

"That he loves us. That's not going to change. Obviously, he was disappointed, upset, whatever you want to call it, just as everybody else was in the locker room, and that's one of the games I feel like we should have won, we could have won. But again, we didn't execute how we should have, and it ended up costing us."

4. Beasley: We were right there

Cole Beasley felt the Bills were only one or two plays away from winning.

"The guys fought their ass off, I mean that's all you can ask. We're right there and we didn't make enough plays today, but just one or two plays goes the other way, we win this game. So it's frustrating, but we're right there. We'll come back."

5. Buffalo won't forget

Buffalo is going to use the loss to make them stronger going forward said Tre'Davious White.

"Yeah, I would say so. I mean it is something that going into the offseason we aren't going to ever forget, and it's just going to make us stronger going forward."