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Quote Sheet | The Bills are ready for a special Sunday night game


1. Millions will be watching the Bills

All eyes will be on the Bills and Steelers when they play on Sunday night.

"I don't know if we ever really thought about that at all and obviously, we're playing well so the NFL wants to showcase premier teams and it's cool to be in that position," Lorenzo Alexander said. "But now we have to continue to earn the right to be put on TV and obviously it's a big chance for us to showcase ourselves again and ultimately earn a playoff berth."

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2. Hyde: You need to win on the road

Buffalo is 5-1 on the road this year. Micah Hyde thinks the road success comes from early travels in training camp.

"You got to be able to win on the road in this league. I feel like Sean started it early in training camp by having us go on the road for the joint practice in Carolina. Getting that win-on-the-road mentality going helped us. It kind of holds true in the regular season as well –  just to go in there, sticking together and trying to get out with a win."

3. Learning experience for Allen

The Ravens blitzed the Bills more than any other team has. Josh Allen is focused on correcting mistakes and moving on to this week's matchup.

"Every game is a learning experience obviously we know we didn't play our best. We watched that film and now we're over it. I feel like we've learned from it, but we won't know until we go out onto the field and prove it. But again, this defense that we're facing does a lot of different things and we just got to be ready for it. We need to be on the same page and it's going to be another grinding game and it's a good team we're going to play."

4. Brotherly love

Tremaine Edmunds will get a chance to play against his brothers Terrell and Trey for the first time in his career.

"This is great. It's kind of hard for me to really put it into words because it's been a lifelong dream to be at this stage. Just for my brothers what more can you ask for, what more for a family. We're really excited about going out there and showing our talents. I wish them nothing but luck, but I know we're all going to be competitive out there."

5. Buffalo is a special place to be

Win and you're in. The Bills playoff hopes rest solely upon them winning one more game this season. Tight end Lee Smith believes he made the right decision to come back to Buffalo during the free agency period earlier this spring.

"It's a special place. And you know, once I called the Kyle Williams of the world and people I trusted that have been here since I left and the things they said about the men in this locker room and the coaches in this building. It's just a special place to be right now. Then you add the winning on top of it, and the way our quarterback's playing right now it's a fun place to be."