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Reggie Corner Rookie Blog - Aug 11

Well I got my first preseason game under my belt this past weekend. It definitely was a rush coming down that tunnel and going out there and getting a chance to play football against another organization. I was definitely pumped up for the game, but at the same time I had to be calm and relax.

I felt my performance was pretty presentable, but at the same time I had mistakes that I know can be corrected and will be corrected. All in all I felt pretty good and felt I ran around pretty well out there.

I definitely felt comfortable with the speed of the game, which was encouraging. Knowing the tricks of the game and the ins and outs of it are things I still need to get a grasp of. I'm still learning of course and the mistakes can be corrected and that's my main focus this week, not making the same mistakes.

I got a lot of time both on the outside and in the slot so I had to have two mind frames out there for the most part. I felt I handled it pretty good, but I am still learning and getting things together. Overall though I feel good about how I did in the slot and at the corner spot.

I was out there a lot and I'm glad I was out there a lot because the more you're out there the more plays you can make. Mistakes will occur, but I'll get a chance to correct those.

During the game I talked to Will (James) and George (Wilson) a lot and they're good with feedback. I value and appreciate their advice.

One of the things I learned from that game was sometimes the plays come quick. By the time we have our call the offense was already lined up with their call, so it's fast paced.

As for my personal game there aren't specific things I'm worried about fixing necessarily. It's the littlest things like not taking false steps like I did a few times last Saturday.

Between now and our next preseason game I'm just concerned about tightening up those small things, competing like I have been and staying focused. I want to execute everything effectively in practice so I'll get a chance to do it on the field in the game.

Thursday will be an opportunity to play in front of more people rooting for us so we can get a little bit of that home vibe. I know it's not Ralph Wilson Stadium, which is definitely something I'm looking forward to, but it'll be nice to have more of a home crowd behind us.

Catch up with you soon.

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