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Renowned artist and activist Ruben Rojas' sculptures encourage fans to 'Choose Love' 

Buffalo's Love Statue

Ahead of the 2022 NFL season, the NFL has partnered with Colombian-American artist Ruben Rojas to spread a clear message of love throughout the football season. The NFL met Rojas at Super Bowl LIV in LA and saw his work, which led to the collaboration for the upcoming season to create pieces that encourage love and unity.

Rojas created two signature "Love" sculptures that will be placed in both Los Angeles and Buffalo in honor of the 2022 Kickoff game between the Bills and the LA Rams. The LA sculpture will be unveiled at SoFi Stadium ahead of the Kickoff game on September 8, while the Buffalo piece will debut in front of Highmark Stadium the week leading into the Bills' home opener against the Tennessee Titans on September 19.

"Love is a noun, a verb and a way of life, and I want to remind people how important it is to wake up every day and choose love," said Ruben Rojas. "I grew up watching the NFL and truly having a love for the game, not only as a fan but a player of the sport. Football brings together all walks of life. It doesn't matter where you come from or what you do. For those four quarters, we are all there for one reason: for the love of the sport. When fans walk into these stadiums, the sculptures will be a reminder and set the tone before and after the whistle blows."

This act of love from Rojas came four months after Buffalo's East Side was the target of a mass shooting attack. Each "Love" sculpture includes paint schemes that are unique to each city and Rojas' goal was to highlight the power of love and how it can stand freely on its own.

The sculptures in Buffalo and Los Angeles will be available for viewing throughout the season.

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