Rookies hit home runs in Toronto

It's not often that you see a Buffalo Bills player pick up a bat and swing like a pro-unless the Bills are making their annual trip to Toronto.

Several members of the 2013 Rookie Class traveled across the border on Wednesday to take batting practice and sight-see in Toronto.

Buffalo Bills rookies EJ Manuel, Robert Woods, Marquise Goodwin, Jeff Tuel, Dustin Hopkins, Zack Chibane, Brandon Kaufman and Ryan Turnley visited the Rogers Centre - home of the Toronto Blue Jays - for a day of fun.

Manuel, Woods, Goodwin and Tuel hit some balls at batting practice prior to the 7:00 pm game vs. the Colorado Rockies. Most rookies who hit hadn't played baseball since they were young kids.

"I think I'll do pretty good," said Bills quarterback EJ Manuel. "I just want to come out here and have fun-not put any pressure on myself."

"Jeff has been hyping himself up," Bills rookie wide receiver Robert Woods said about fellow teammate Jeff Tuel- who used to play baseball. "Hopefully I can out-bat him. I have a little experience so I hope it works out for me."

Although Tuel had the most baseball playing experience, it was Robert Woods who had the only homer of the BP session.

Rookies also had an opportunity to practice some catching in the outfield before heading over to the CN Tower where they traveled up the 147 floor building to see the breathtaking view of the city of Toronto.

After eating dinner, Rookies let the pros take over, as they sat to watch the Toronto Blue Jays game.

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