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Running Back Fred Jackson - 8/1


PM Practice – August 1, 2008


On the offense

I think it's wide open. We're taking some shots down the field, a lot of shots down field. I think Turk [Schonert] has that installed in his offense that he wants to take some chances and we're looking to do that this year.


On having a fullback in the offense this year

I love it. I mean anytime you have a guy like Darian [Barnes] or John Evans out in front of you they're going to clear some holes for you, so we're excited about having a true fullback back there in front of us for the first time.


On the way he feels now over a year ago

I'm excited about it. This year I can kind of just go out and play football. I've kind of proven myself a little bit so this year's just about going out and having fun and playing football.

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