Running Back Fred Jackson - Media Day


Wednesday, November 28, 2007


On if he has taken the approach of possibly being the starter this week


Yes, definitely looking forward to it. I know that it's an opportunity that may present itself. I'm looking forward to it, going out and doing what I can to help the team get a W.  I know it's going to be a challenge for us but I'm looking forward to it.


On if he has had the chance to look at the big picture of what this can do for him


It'll be a great opportunity for me. I'm looking forward to it knowing that Washington's a great team. I get to go out and I get to play against one of my idols, London Fletcher. Going to a Division III college, he went to a Division III college. I know all about him so I'm definitely looking forward to it and I'm looking forward to playing against him.


On if he was able to gain confidence after the game vs. Jacksonville


It definitely gives you confidence. To go out and play against a team like Jacksonville and go out and do some of the things I was able to do. I'm looking forward to it. It was a great building block for me so I'm looking forward. This is the next step.


On hard work paying off


Definitely. You have to put the work in, I knew it was going to be a task this year with the opportunity to come in and make the team. I'm just looking forward to it and I'm ready to go out and just play some football.


On what he learned about himself after Sunday's game


I learned that I can do it. You want the opportunity and when you get out there you're able to go out and produce, you build more confidence so I think that's what this game is all about being confident, knowing you can go out and when your number's called you can go out and perform.


On if he ever wondered if he would get an opportunity


Yes. It's something you definitely think about. Will you be ready when your number's called so you always have to go out and prepare for things like this happening. With injuries your number can be called. Especially in this game, injuries are very prevalent so you go out and prepare that if your number's called that you're ready so you have to stay in your books, go to all the meeting and know what's going to go on, on Sunday.


On if he has been able to see how far he has come


It's something I definitely sit down and talk to my wife about. We know that it was a long process and going from a Division III to playing in the indoor league to NFL Europe to here now. It's something that I definitely think about and know that I've put in time. Now I have to make the best of this opportunity.


On a season of injuries for this team


It's something that we definitely notice. Today, before we started, Josh brought us in the huddle as an offense and said 'look guys, we're injured. We have people that are sick, but the coaches have faith in us and we know that we have to go out and we have to practice and prepare like everybody's here. So the guys that are we have to perform and practice and get ready for Sunday.'


On if he ever thought he would have to give up football and move on


You definitely start to think about that. You have to plan; you have to have a backup plan. I got my degree and there was a point where I was thinking maybe this isn't going to work out. But luckily it did, I'm here and I have this opportunity.


On if there was a turning point that made it work for his career


It was just the way it fell in. I can't say that there was one major event that changed it. I got the opportunity to go over to NFL Europe. I was able to perform when I was over there and able to come back and make it on the practice squad here. I think if anything that was it. Just being able to be a part of this team on the practice squad. I was able to get the looks and get some of the coaches to notice that I was here.


On if he and Marv Levy have shared any Coe College stories


We were two different generations, I can say that much. We have the conversations about the school, but other than that we don't have any old alumni stories.

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