Running Back Marshawn Lynch

Bills Running Back Marshawn Lynch


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On seeing his most extensive work in practice since the injury

It just feels good to get back out there and run around. 


On pushing the envelope

Mostly it has been the coaches protecting myself against me, because I would have been out the week after it happened.  They did a good job of keeping me out and getting me back as fast as they did. 


On agreeing with the coaches thinking about when he should come back

It's still on my mindset that I should have been out there with the team but it was for the best so I'm up for it.  I believe in what they're doing for me. 


On a timetable for a return

I heard that this injury is about an eight-week thing.  I'm back at three running around.  I talked to some of the players who had it and they said they were not doing nearly as much stuff as I'm doing.  I was talking to another player on this team and he's had the injury for about four weeks now and he said last week he wouldn't have been able to do what I was doing.  I'm just being a believer in what they got going for me and going all out with it. 


On thinking about the injury when he is out there

I do think about it because it gets sore out there.  It got a little sore, but nothing I couldn't bear. 


On the type of treatment they are doing

Ice and just rehab. 


On playing this week

That's the goal.  That's my goal, but if it doesn't happen this week then next week for sure. 


On being able to fully participate in practice or was it limited

I would say it was a full practice. 


On looking good in the portion of practice the media saw

You saw me early in practice. 


On being a little bit sore

No doubt about it.  I am a little sore, but I got in and I got some ice so I'm feeling pretty good. 


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On how well Fred Jackson played last week and would it make the coaches not risk bringing him back to early

They didn't bring me in to rest.  I got to get back to work sometime too.  But with Freddy doing what he did, I feel if it was to take another week I wouldn't have a problem with that. 


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