Ryan Fitzpatrick: It went downhill fast



Q: How frustrated are you with this loss?

A: Very frustrated. I thought we obviously did not come out sharp, but had some points there at the end of the half and getting the ball first. Felt like we had a little bit of momentum. We came out and I had the interception. Kind of lost all momentum that we had and went downhill from there fast.

Q: How much did the game plan change throughout the game?

A: A little bit, not a ton. More so in the second half. In the first half we tried to kind of stay with what we were doing. Tried to be patient a little bit. We got the touchdown there late and then the two minute drive with the field goal. We tried to stay with what we were doing in the first half. Came out in the second half with the interception and I think there was the sack-fumble. Kind of had to ditch it after that.

Q: What was the point of the quarterback sneak on first-and-10?

A: That was me. We were in a bad play. I did not want to take a timeout. We had a bad look. Outside it was a run play and the safety was blitzing off of the edge. Like I said, it happened late in the 24-second clock. I did not want to take a timeout and I did not want to hand the ball to C.J. (Spiller) with a guy untouched coming at him for a fumble. So I thought that was the best thing. Got us to second-and-nine. Not obviously a great play, but it was a play that we did not have a negative play with yardage, a fumble or a turnover. We ended up getting the first down, so I would not say that was much of a factor in the outcome.

Q: Your reaction to the fake punt with them leading big?

A: You guys can draw your own opinions from that. I just do not know if that is really my style.

Q: But you are still in the game. Why can't they run it?

A: Yeah. That is why I say you can write about it. It is just personally not my style.

Q: Did you feel like you may have forced some throws once you fell behind?

A: Absolutely. I think you come out of this game and it is the second interception for a touchdown. I think at a point you are out there and it is a fine line. You are trying to make plays, but it is a 'you do not want it to get worse than it is' kind of thing. I kind of fell into that with that throw there.

Q: The Bills have been here five times and won once. Is the crowd any part of the reason for that?

A: None. This is just something that we know is part of it. That atmosphere is definitely different than the Ralph.

Q: WR Stevie Johnson and RB C.J. Spiller seemed to play well offensively.

A: Yeah, and Scott (Chandler) too. Scott played through some stuff in the second half, but all three of those guys in a game like this especially in the second half. It is tough to sit there and hand the ball to C.J., hand the ball to C.J—but he showed what kind of player he is again today. I thought Stevie did a great job. They played a lot of zone coverage, a lot of corners deep and running guys out underneath Stevie. Anytime we got man coverage up top they could not cover him at all. Obviously probably the best catch I have ever seen him make.  One of the best catches I have ever seen in person with the grab that he had.

Q: What do you do about the fact as players you are making HC Chan Gailey's seat hotter?

A: I obviously do not feel great about the way that we played, but especially for a guy that has given so many guys in the locker room opportunities. I, more so than anybody, it pains me to not go out there, throw ten touchdowns everytime and win every game. Especially to lose like we did today and the fact that my performance and our performance on offense, our performance on defense. We played poorly and it reflects poorly on him. It just eats me up. I know it eats other guys up as well.

Q: What is your message to the fans who are frustrated?

A: It is hard for me to say anything at this point coming off the field right there and losing like we did. Hopefully we will come out next game and the next two games and put a better product on the field.

Q: Take us through the interceptions and what happened on those plays. A: The first one—a pass play I have thrown to Scott (Chandler) a lot this year. The backside linebacker kind of snuck in and got it. Just one of those plays I did not locate him until too late. The second one I was trying to do a little bit too much. Scott ran a route. I kind of scrambled out and he turned up field. It was definitely an ill-advised throw trying to do too much. Threw it and ducked. Not a good decision on that one.

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