Ryan Fitzpatrick: "That was really embarrasing"


On the Bills being up 14 and then the Patriots taking over the game from there:

Yeah, obviously it showed us that we are not there yet. I think if you look at turnovers obviously, we had the few late there that really made it lopsided. We turned the ball over a few times in the first half, our defense was able to come up with stops. They kept us in it in the first half. For us to come out and have that type of lead, we have to be able to just continue to put the pressure on them. And it was the other way around. They scored a few times and put the pressure on us. I think we were pressing a little bit. It just did not stop from there.

On continuing to struggle to beat the Patriots:

We beat them last year. We were up three touchdowns last year in the other game. We were up two touchdowns in the second half this game. That is the most frustrating thing, I think, is for some reason these games especially versus these guys when they start rolling unfortunately we have not had an answer. We have to figure out why. We have to try to put a stop to that, but we did not have an answer today.

On the run game not producing today:

You have to give credit to (the Patriots), they did a good job. They are physical up front. I think our guys, late in the game obviously had to get away from it, but they were doing a good job just being physical. We had a couple of guys go down up front. Fred (Jackson) and C.J. (Spiller) coming off injuries, I just do not know, it is obviously not an excuse but I do not know that the timing and what we had the last few weeks was there today.

On if the team is embarrassed by what happened today:

Yeah, that was really embarrassing. We have got a lot of pride in this locker room and right now we have our tails between our legs in terms of we got our butts kicked. Unfortunately, we have been in this situation before. Fortunately, we have responded to this situation. We look at the film, try to get better and move on, but it is just hard with this being the second division game that we have not come out and played well to say that again.

On how damaging RB C.J. Spiller's fumble before halftime was:

I think we have to find a way to punch that in, whether it was some throws before that or punch it in when we got down low there. That was tough for us. We came out and put another score on the board. Points would have been nice there, but you cannot point to one thing in the game. When you look at that final score there were a lot of things that went wrong for us.

On why his passes have been being batted down: I had the one today, 75 (Vince Wilfork) did not really rush, just stood there and deflected it. That was the first interception. I do not know. I do not know that it is happening more than normal or not. Those are obviously frustrating ones where there is not a whole lot you can do about it. You just chalk it up to a good play from the defender.

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