Ryan Fitzpatrick: "This is what we expected"



Q: Was that more like it?

A: Yeah. From day one…this was maybe the extreme, especially because of the weather—it was tough sledding in terms of the rain, the wind and all of that. This was maybe a bit extreme, but for us as a team to be successful at home in December, this is what we expected. We expected to be able to feed Fred (Jackson) the rock and to give it to C.J. (Spiller). Have those guys coming in -- they are a tough one-two punch as everybody knows, but as we saw today especially. And the defense really stepped up and played great today.

Q: What did the weather limit you from doing offensively that you might want to do otherwise if the weather was not like this?

A: I think early, first half and definitely first quarter it was tough. The pass game was tough. We hit the one to T.J. (Graham) down the field. That throw is sometimes easier than the quick hard throws where you really have to grip the ball and it squirts out a little bit. It limited us a little bit in terms of maybe not throwing it as much as we wanted to, but on a day like today to have them step up. The offensive line loves a day like this where they know it is going to be a lot on their shoulders. I thought they responded well.

Q: How much does a day like today further the belief about making a run and the playoffs?

A: We have a lot of belief in our locker room and we are not in the most ideal situation, but we lose today's game we know we are out. We continue to win like we did today and we have some home games coming up. We continue to win these games we are going to have a chance at it and I think everybody in the locker room knows that.

Q: With the Jaguars being a 2-9 team, was it an opportunity to get on them early and put this one away early?

A: Well they have been playing a lot better of late and I have been on teams…when I was in Cincinnati we started the season 0-8 and had a 4-3-1 finish. There is a lot of pride for players in the NFL. You cannot come in and take anybody lightly. As you saw, they fought all game long and give them credit for that. At the end of the day we felt like this was one we should win and needed to win. I thought we went out there and did a good job.

Q: Can you walk us through your touchdown passes?

A: The first one to Scott (Chandler), the way that we had practiced it during the week and the way that we kind of saw it happening was more (Paul Posluszny) getting some depth, Scott coming underneath him and maybe throwing it to him. It was a different look, but Scott did a great job of getting over Poz. There was a safety on top of him that he kind of ran away from. I just put a little bit of air under it to throw it over Poz and let him go over and get it. He did a great job with that. Again, just a big target and a guy that they can put two guys on him down there and you can still get him the ball. Stevie (Johnson)'s was just a one-on-one matchup. I knew I had single coverage over there. They went to an empty set and he did a great job putting the move on the guy and breaking out to score there.

Q: Did it feel good to hit a deep one to WR T.J. Graham?

A: Yeah, it was good. That was something we have been practicing lately. Something I am feeling a lot more comfortable with him. We have done some really good things in terms of the work that we have had in practice and hitting those throws. Making sure that we are on the same page. It was a great play by him to get by everybody and make the catch. He is a guy that is what we expected out of him. I think I am getting more and more comfortable with what he can do.

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