Ryan Fitzpatrick: "This will be a big game"


QB Ryan Fitzpatrick**

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

On the 49ers being more of an old-school football team:

It is interesting to see that and to see that they have been very successful at it. That is another thing with this team. They are able to possess the ball and sustain long drives. You have to be able to take advantage of when you have the ball. You have to be able to take advantage of putting seven points instead of three on the board. That goes into it too. We have to be able to do a good job of that this week.

On if this is a daunting stretch of the schedule upcoming:

I think as a player you try not to look ahead at the next game or games coming up. We all know the schedule. We know going to the West Coast and playing is a tough thing. We have two of them in a row. We are going to put all the focus and effort into San Francisco. This is a stretch of games here that we are really going to figure out what kind of team this is.

On if he has been able to let the Patriots loss go:

Yeah, we are ready to hit the practice field and go. I think it is human nature to still be pretty disappointed about it. Disappointed about my performance. I think everybody is disappointed in their performance and how we played in the second half especially. It is human nature. That game happened, you cannot just erase it from your memory. But we are professionals and we are going to move on. We have to because we have another great opponent coming up this week.

On if this team can step up on the road against really good teams:

That is exactly right. The East Coast-West Coast thing is harder. It is not an easy thing so that adds to it as well. The fact that we are playing two teams in a row here that take care of business at home, that will be tough for us. I am from Arizona so it is kind of a home game for me.

On spending a week practicing in Arizona:

It will be interesting. I have not done that before. I think a lot of that stuff we will talk about next week. We are leaving on Saturday just like a normal away game and playing on Sunday. That is where our focus is right now. After the San Francisco game we will be able to talk about and figure out if that is a good strategy and all that. We are looking forward to getting a great week of practice here, leaving Saturday and playing on Sunday.

On what stands out about the 49ers:

They have been very dominant. Not just solid in areas. They are very dominant in terms of being able to be physical up front and really setting the tone for a football game. I think that jumps out on film, which is not something you see all the time.

On what he saw on tape from the New England game:

The turnovers were the biggest thing. There were a lot of positives coming out of that game that we had offensively, but you cannot turn the ball over like that and expect to win games in this league. You cannot turn the ball over once or twice and expect to win games. The way that got out of hand at the end, how sloppy we got by the end of that game was not what a professional football team needs to do and it was not us as an offense. Unfortunately we have had two games like that this year. I have had two games where I have been pretty careless with the ball and we have lost both of those. That is the thing that has been fairly disappointing in my mind.

On what leads to the turnovers:

I wish I had the answer for you. We evaluate that game and try to figure it out. There were just so many different factors that went into it. Chan (Gailey) talked about our mental toughness and really kind of challenged us in that area. And I think rightfully so. I think everything did snowball in that game and it affected us.

On not matching the high expectations of the preseason:

I think it was gone after the first game and after the next two it came back a little bit. We cannot continue to lose games in our division and expect people to expect things out of us. Especially in the fashion we have lost games in our division. This is a big stretch for us. A big stretch of games not only for us as a team but being away from home for a couple of weeks, coming back and really trying to get everybody reenergized.

On how to still be aggressive but not worry about turning the ball over:

It is something as a quarterback that you have to be able to do. We are always going to be aggressive. We are always going to try to take our throws in one-on-one coverage and that kind of stuff. Interceptions are going to happen at times, but I have to be able to limit them and not be careless with the ball like I was on Sunday.

On the 49ers performance against the Jets:

That was an impressive game. I watched the defensive film obviously. The way that they were flying around, hitting people, taking away the run game and not giving any big plays in the pass game. It was definitely a statement game for them. I think everybody in the league, they have their attention in terms of what they did last year. But to come out this year and come out the way they have. For us, it is an unfamiliar opponent. To be able to watch them on tape a little bit, it has been as advertised.

On needing mental toughness against the 49ers:

It will be a great week for us to show that. Plugging in different guys in different positions. For us this will be a big game in terms of where we are mentally.

On the persona of the 49ers:

I have not played them in the last few years so maybe I will be able to answer that better on Sunday. It jumps out at you that they are a physical team that flies around, I think that is apparent when you watch the film.

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