Ryan Fitzpatrick: "We have got to put it together"


QB Ryan Fitzpatrick**

Monday, December 3, 2012

Q: C Eric Wood is going to have to miss some time. That has to be disappointing.

A: Yeah. Losing anybody is tough, but losing Eric (Wood) who is a big part of what we do, he is a guy that communicates a lot of the stuff. He is a leader. He is a leader up there. I do not know how long we will lose him for but it does not look good at the moment for this week. That is what we have to focus on. We have to kind of plug in some holes. We came out a little wounded that last game with just more than him. We will figure out who we have for this week and get going.

Q: Do you particularly feel for Wood knowing the injuries he has endured in his career?

A: Yeah, it stinks for him. They are happening on fluke plays. And looking at the play he almost lucked out in terms of how bad it look and could have been.

Q: Your thoughts on the little bit of work OL David Snow got in?

A: I did not really watch him to be honest. Looked like he did OK. We just had some run plays called, but he was pretty excited to be out there. He was pretty excited. He had that young energy jumping around. He is a guy that if he has to go in there and play, he has to get up to speed with us right away and luckily he has been here pretty much throughout the year so that will be OK in terms of knowing the system.

Q: How important was yesterday's win in regaining your footing?

A: That was important I think. This is such a nice place to come to work when we win. Everybody is happy. We have a great group of guys in here. That just makes everything a little more pleasant. I think all of our wives and significant others would say that as well. It was big for us, just to get that positive feeling back in the building. I think that we have to continue to build on it.

Q: That was called a blueprint, but it seems to be game-to-game if you are going to go with the run or the pass.

A: I think that was an extreme just because of the conditions, but it depends on what defenses are doing. I think that is a lot of it. It depends on the score of the game. Some games when you are ahead you can really afford to do that. When you fall behind you cannot sometimes. Going into the season I think if you kind of put together what we wanted to do, I think we wanted to be a dominant defense like they have played the last few weeks. I think we wanted to get Fred (Jackson) and C.J. (Spiller) as many touches as possible. That was an extreme I think from what we wanted, but that was a great game for us in doing that.

Q: Just talk about what TE Scott Chandler means for the offense.

A: He has really developed into a nice weapon for me. A guy that is just reliable, very consistent and poses problems for teams especially in the red zone just in terms of the height, the big body and all of that stuff. He has really turned into a threat down there.

Q: Is that the best team game you guys have played?

A: That was a good game for us. I think Kansas City was probably a great team win as well for us this year. That is what we have got to do. We have to continue to not just play well in streaks or play well on one side of the ball or the other. We have got to put it together and hopefully just continue from last week's game. Just continue to do that.

Q: Where is WR T.J. Graham now compared to where he was earlier in the season?

A: He has made tremendous strides I think and that was good to be able to connect on that deep one. I think he is really starting to understand some of the nuances of the position. Understand that it is not all about speed. There is some stuff and things that he has learned in reading coverages and that stuff which has really helped. He is really got to become a bigger part of our offense. I think he will. There has been a lot of development this year. It really has not been the production, but the stuff we work through in practice and the things I have seen out of him. He has really developed this year. We have got more of a trust there now because of it.

Q: This team seemed to be getting healthier and was performing better. How frustrating are all the injuries now?

A: The injuries are always tough, but this time of year you are going to have other guys that are going to have to come, step up and play. The good thing about it, if there is a good thing, is at the wide receiver position and kind of elsewhere we have had guys that have played before and guys that have been in the system. We will figure out who we have for this week, who we do not and we will go forward from there.

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