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Scott gives and smells the roses

Buffalo Bills safety Bryan Scott celebrated National Nursing Home week with a visit to the mother's living in Buffalo at the Hawthorn Health Multicare Center for Living on May 12.

The event was kicked off when Scott introduced himself and wished all of the mothers in the room a belated Happy Mother's Day. He surprised all of the lady residents and nurses by presenting them with roses, and he helped serve a special cake to the residents.

Scott also led the room in a "Who Am I?" quiz asking trivia questions about the Buffalo Bills players that played in the 1960's and 70's. Many of the wise seniors in the room knew the correct answers.  In addition, Scott cheerfully signed autographs for everyone in attendance.

Scott visited the residence because he was unable to spend time with his own mother on Mother's Day. He wanted to share some time with those that also were not able to have their kids visit them at the Hawthorn Center.

"A Mother is a vessel God uses to bring life into the world," said Scott. "Within their hearts he plants an eternal unconditional love. How can a child ever repay that? They can't. But as a child you can do little things that make her smile. And today, I witnessed about 40 of those smiles from mothers here in Buffalo at the Hawthorn Center."

For more information regarding the Hawthorn Health Multicare Center for Living please visit or call 716-631-8242.

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