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Stefon Diggs reflects on joining his brother Trevon Diggs in the 2022 Pro Bowl

Stefon Diggs (14). Buffalo Bills Week 16 practice, December 23, 2021.  Photo by Ben Green
Stefon Diggs (14). Buffalo Bills Week 16 practice, December 23, 2021. Photo by Ben Green

On Wednesday it was announced that Stefon Diggs was named to the Pro Bowl which marked his second consecutive Pro Bowl selection. Diggs became the first Bills wide receiver to earn consecutive trips to the Pro Bowl since Andre Reed (1988-94).

Diggs was honored to be on the Pro Bowl roster, but there was another name on the list that brought Diggs more joy – his brother Trevon.

"I was more happy for him than I was for myself," Diggs shared on Thursday. … "I was just more proud than anything. I was more happy when I heard about him, because I knew he was going, but I still wanted to see it. I saw his picture, I saw his face, and I saw him in the Cowboys, I'm like, yeah, that's my little brother."

Trevon Diggs has had a breakout year in his second season. Leading the league with 10 interceptions with two returned for touchdowns, Trevon is quickly establishing himself as one of the top cornerbacks in the league.

Stefon Diggs knows his brother very well and is proud to see him make such a big jump from year one to year two.

"You want to see him make that second-year jump," Diggs added. "We had that conversation many times. He showed a lot of potential last year. He went against every good receiver in the league. I was just like, man, you've seen everybody. You've played against everybody, as far as building that confidence and being able to play with anybody. He had some success, too, as a young player, so I was like, 'just carry that over and go in with the right mindset.' He did it to the maximum."

Both Stefon and Trevon join Chiefs' Travis Kelce, Eagles' Jason Kelce and Chargers' Joey Bosa, 49ers' Nick Bosa as the only three pairs of brothers on this year's Pro Bowl roster.

For the full 2022 Pro Bowl roster, click here.

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