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Tannehill trending up since Bills last saw him


In the short week leading up to the Dolphins game, one thing the Bills have in their back pocket are the struggles QB Ryan Tannehill has had against them.

Since entering the league in 2012, Tannehill is 1-4 against Buffalo and has a passer rating of 67.0; His completion percentage is barely better than 50 percent and he's managed seven touchdowns against five interceptions.

That being said, he has improved his play since first facing the Bills back in Week 2.

"We've been very dominant against Tannehill but he's been on fire the last few weeks," safety Aaron Williams said. "I don't know what he's been eating in the morning or what he's been going through but whatever he is doing, it's working. We played him several weeks ago and that's a long time. Anybody can change the way they play in that amount of time. What he's been doing has been great but just because we were dominant the last time doesn't mean we're going to be dominant again this time."

Photos of Bills pass rushers sacking and pressuring opposing QBs during the 2014 season.

Since the Week 2 matchup, Tannehill has a completion percentage of 65.5, 12 touchdowns, and an average passer rating of 94.4 (including two games over 120).

Part of Tannehill's recent accomplishments have to do with the fact that he is running the ball more out of Miami's read option game. According to LB Nigel Bradham, the film shows he's taking it upon himself to control the offense and let everyone feed off him.

Looking at some numbers, this seems to be the case. He's the team's second most frequent rusher next to feature back Lamar Miller. In 2014, he's run the ball 33 times and 26 of those attempts have come since Week 2 when Buffalo and Miami last played.

With the offensive line shuffles the Dolphins have made since Sunday against Detroit, however, it's unclear how Miami might adjust their approach to move the ball against the Bills.

In addition to the low completion percentage, Tannehill has only averaged 4.75 yards per pass play and completed two passes 20 yards in the five contests against Buffalo. Since Week 2 however, his yards per pass average has been on a steady climb to up over seven (7.12) and he's connected on 10 20 yard plays.

"We've addressed the mechanics," said Dolphins offensive coordinator Bill Lazor. "We've addressed the getting people on the same page as far as the landmarks of where we're trying to throw the football. We've repped it in practice and I choose to operate with the belief that we'll prove to everybody that we can do it."

"They always are going to try to take us deep," Bradham said. "I think we just played the deep ball so well last time. They wanted to go deep, but I think that we just played it so well that he wasn't comfortable throwing it because he didn't want to throw an interception or anything like that.

"We know they like to take Mike Wallace over the top. He's a great receiver, he's fast, he has great ball skills to be able to go up and get the ball so we pretty much just tried to take that away last time or at least limit that as much we could. I think that's what happened. I think they wanted to go deep, they just really didn't feel like [Tannehill] had the opportunity to."

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